Your Food Cravings = Your Body Sending A Message! We Decipher What they Mean!

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Your Food Cravings = Your Body Sending A Message! We Decipher What they Mean!

We’ve all had weird food cravings in the middle of a workday or even in the middle of the night that makes us reach for a bag of potato chips or a bar of chocolate. You ditch the diet plan and go for it anyway because your body is begging you to to feed it with something sweet or salty or sour or carbs. While you might think it’s just hunger, it’s not.

Your body is a lean mean machine and it’s smarter than any smartphone out there so when it notifies you about a craving, it’s actually your body’s way of telling you what it feels and what it needs. However, before you devour that entire chocolate bar, we’ve done the research and discovered what your body is trying to tell you! Read on to see what your cravings actually mean!

1. Scouting for Salty and Oily Food?

Potato chips and fries? Your body is stressed af and is actually looking for healthy fats. Your diet might want to cancel out fat but you have to remember that some fats are good for you like Omega 3 from fish and the oils found in avocados and nuts!

2. Something Sweet?

Sugar instantly gives you a rush of energy and if your body is looking for some donuts or a candy bar, your body is looking for a quick recharge! Aside from yawning, looking for sweets is your body trying to tell you it needs more sleep but knows you can’t be near a bed anytime soon. But if you do manage to get home, give your body the zzzs it deserves!

3. Chocolate!!!

Unlike sugary sweets, searching chocolates is your body’s way of telling you that it needs some emotional care and loving. Be it a heartbreak or a downhill moment at work, your body is looking for cocoa because it’s full of organic feel good chemicals (A.K.A. Serotonin, the same chemical your body gets when you’re in love) that your body needs when its tense and sad. Might we recommend a fun night out instead to beat the sour mood?

4. Something Spicy, Maybe?

Are you the type to have a wasabi or a Sriracha craving? Looking for something spicy can be one of two things: Your body needs to warm up in the midst of sweater weather or your body wants to metabolize faster. Studies have shown that adding some peppers or anything spicy can temporarily quicken up your metabolism. Some studies also show that spicy food also helps you burn more calories!

5. Soft Drinks

Have you ever missed that fizzy feeling of a soft drink in your mouth? If you do have a moment like that, your body misses the caffeine and not the fizz. Why not crave coffee you might ask? ! number of soft drinks have more caffeine than a cup of coffee, and your body is smart enough to ask for the one that has more!

6. Carbs

Looking for pasta, bread, or rice? Your brain is super tired. Craving for carbs usually means your body is looking for glucose, the magic thing that makes your brain work. So if you’re having a lot of loading moments, no need to be ashamed to ask for extra rice!

7. Lemon and lime

Looking for some citrus? The good acids found inside lemons, limes, calamansi, and even cane vinegar helps cleanse your body. These acids are what your body uses to sterilize its digestive track and breakdown the food you digest, so go ahead and get a large lemonade!

What are you craving for right now? Feed us in the comments!

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