We’re back with another Flashes & Faces, but this time, we’re bringing you the Halloween Edition. We’re breaking the rules for the night, as it isn’t about how hot you were at the biggest Halloween Ball in Manila. It’s about how cool and cray your costume was. It was one small shot for man and one big chug for mankind as we looked through everyone’s Halloween costumes this year””from the Kings and Queens of Halloween, to the people wearing shirts that say “costume”, we’ve seen it all, and now we’ve come to bring together the best. Thank you to the people who served us treats rather than tricks.

The Killer Duo: Kamae De Jesus and Monique Salcedo as Romy and Michelle

The Halloween Queen: Claire Paden as an Alien

The Halloween King: Hezzy as an Avatar

Erik Cua and fiancee Jam Chan as Day of the Dead skeletons


Dia de los muertos…….happy halloween everyone!! ? #palacebgc #happyhalloween #palacespaceodyssey

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Fabio Ide and Bianca Manalo as the King and Queen of The Universe


King and Queen of the Universe ??? #FaBiLousHalloween2016 @fabioideofficial

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Yao sisters as Zelda and Jasmine

Bea Yao and Cliff Hodge, Josh Vanlandingham and Kim Yao, Pam Solilapsi and Miguel Guerrero, Kamae De Jesus and Monique Salcedo and Mario


The Palace resident DJ Marc Naval as DJ Marshmello and the raddest emcee Roda King

The Palace resident DJs Mars Miranda and Ace Ramos as astronauts and MC Pao as a Toy Story alien

The Palace resident DJ Kat DJ and Jan Aranilla as Top Gun pilots

Franco Saycon as a slice of pizza

Pam Solilapsi and Miguel Guerrero as Pikachu and Ash


KC Del Rosario as Lagerfeld


LAGERFELD ??#klausxkc #halloween2016

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Yassi Pressman, Angel Locsin, Mond Gutierrez, Neil Arce, Bubbles Paraiso, and Paul Nebres as a Train to Busan zombie squad


??? #Halloween2016

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Mond Gutierrez as an undead Andy Warhol


When #AndyWarhol rose from the dead ? #halloween2016

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Tim Yap as the scariest one of them all”¦ Donald Trump


Alexandra Habaluyas and Marie Shindo as Mario and Luigi

Kenn Natividad and JT Richmond as the White Chicks

Niño Gaddi as Paper covergirl Kim Kardashian


Ex Wives?

Weird Space Creature


Cathy Frey as Jigsaw, with Valak


Hi bes Valak. photo by Art Oca #palacespaceodyssey #halloween

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Space women

Harley Quinn