FLASHES AND FACES: A Bad & Boujeee Night at Yes, Please! 

FLASHES AND FACES: A Bad & Boujeee Night at Yes, Please!

Flashes & Faces: A Bad & Boujee Night at Yes, Please! 

If you want to know what went down at Yes, Please! last Wednesday, February 18, 2020, we are here to spill all the deets of one of the coolest parties that you just missed. Don’t be sad. This is a tell all like no other and it’s as if you were really there. 

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Aiah Bangsil, Mike Gelle, & Marga Bermudez

The awesome party was hosted by the first female MC in the PH, Marga On The Mic, Youtuber Aiah Bangsil, & talented photographer Mike Gella. 

It’s not a throwdown without a DJ. The beats were provided by Private Miller, Jason Soong, & DJ Euric. 

(L-R) Euric Lumanog, Robbie De Guzman, Jason Soong, Nix Damn P

As you know, the category was Boujee and these hip and chic socialites partied harder than a billionaire. We saw a lot of fur, a lot of bling, a whole lot of gold. Ka-ching!

Inigo Pascual & Joao Constancia

Rocio Escano & Sam Santamaria

Tony Labrusca & Sheena McBride

It’s not a great party without beautiful people in it. Check out who went and what went down! 

Dora Dorado

Ella Killa

Matt Laurel
Patrik Franksson

Kat DJ

Excited for more parties like this? Comment a theme you want to party in below! 

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