Feng Shui Solutions for A Rocky Relationship

Feng Shui Solutions for A Rocky Relationship

So you and your bae are not on the best terms right now. Every little thing flares up into a huge fight and talking about it just feels like it’ll snowball into a never ending quarrel. We’ve been there and it’s not a nice place to be. Sometimes it can feel like the end is near and there’s nothing you can do about it. You guys break up then get together again after a few days… weeks… or even hours!


 If you can your bae keep on living in a cycle of breaking up and making up, you’re both wasting time! Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shares his Feng Shui cures for a downhill, wobbly, rocky, not-what-it-used-to-be relationship.However, he does disclaim that You can use feng shui to guide your wellbeing and relationship, but it cannot solve underlying problems.”


Light two candles

No, not to mourn your dying relationship but to rekindle the lost love between you and bae. Get some pink candles as white ones can lure in dead spirits. Light the candles together as this will also help blaze up your bedroom life. 


Declutter the Past

You or your bae might be holding on to some parts of the past and that’s what’s hindering both of you from moving onwards with your relationship. Throw away gifts from old lovers and everything that keeps you from moving forward together. This will help renew the life in a room and your overall togetherness. 


Change Sheets

If you two share a bed together, it can be as easy as changing your sheets every two weeks. Aside from sanitation purposes, it’s important to always revive the energy in your bed with soft sheets that are perfect for rest and romance. For those who live separately, change your sheets at the same time. Opt for rose or pink sheets, avoid peach as it can invite third parties and red as it can cause the relationship to burn out. 


Queen Sized Beds Only!

A small bed won’t invite the energy of love for you two and a larger sized bed will invite other people in. Which is fine if you’re into polyamory. A queen sized bed is the most ideal size for both of your comfort! Also, if you’ve had other lovers on the bed, it’s time to shop for a new one! The past is stuck to the mattress and you don’t want that for your present!


Yes, Flowers are Important!

Boys, please get your queen a bouquet! Aside from being a sweet gesture + great IG content, having a fresh set of flowers on displays can do wonders for someone’s mood romantically. 


Writing Letters!

Call us old school but nothing beats a handwritten letter in today’s send nudes generation. You can try writing down a letter listing down all the stuff you love about your partner and it can do wonders for your wobbly relationship. You know the saying “remember why you started”? That applies to relationships, too! You can send the letter to your partner or keep it to yourself, either way, you’ll remember all the reasons why you love him/her!



Here’s the deal, you can do everything on this list and you can still be miserable together. These are just subtle ways to help you rekindle the fire but it all still boils down to the two of you hashing it out before your lash out and walk out on each other! Openly communicate with your S.O. about all the things you feel! 

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