Feng Shui 101: Work Desk Edition

Feng Shui 101: Work Desk Edition

Organizing your work desk goes beyond Marie Kondo’s principles of organising and tossing/keeping things that don’t/do spark joy. And Feng Shui has its own principles on how to create a desk with a proper work flow and increase your productivity!

Here are some things you can implement on the daily so you can finally snag that well-deserved promotion.

Wood Tables Are Best

Unlike metal and glass, wood tables are the most ideal according to Feng Shui. Wood symbolises growth and can help calm you in stressful situations. Glass limits your movement with its delicate material + good energy has no place to stick with glass. Metal is good if your element is water or metal. Otherwise, opt for real wood desks.

Stay Square

The best table shape has to be rectangle, as it promotes a healthy and creative flow. Circle, oval, or any abstract shape is discouraged.

Where’s Your Table?

Aside from your desk’s shape, its placement is just as important. Biggest no-nos? Desks facing the wall, in line with a door (front or back), and directly facing a window. The best position is where you can face see your office door and have a wall behind you. This is so you can see all the transactions clearly and have firm work relationships.

No Clutter = Productivity!

This is an obvious one and you don’t even need to believe in Feng Shui to do this! Clutter can easily distract and keep you from doing great things at work. Keep only what you always use on the desk, the rest can go to your cabinet. Remember to clear your desk of any paperwork that you no longer need, items that were used on a previous project you’re no longer working on, and so on. This is so you can move on from the past projects and into the future!

Your Desk’s Power Points

There’s a reason why you often see work desks with lamps on the upper left and a picture of their family on the upper right. Your desk has power points, these are the areas that you must be mindful of when you’re accessorising your table. Stand in front of your desk in the centre and imagine a hashtag dividing the desk into 9 equal squares. The top left is the wealth point (put plants and a bowl of coins here), the top centre is the fame point (you can place a lamp, your name marker, or your calling cards here), and the top right is the love spot (place a rose quartz stone there or a picture of your beloved). In the mid-left is the family square, the centre one is health (important to keep this area clear at the end of the day), and the mid-right is for creativity (place a collectible toy you love here to inspire you!). The level closest to you, the lower left is the knowledge square (1-3 books of your favorite business books), the lower centre is the career square (ideally for your laptop/PC), and the lower right is the philanthropy and travel square. Obviously, you don’t want to fill every single one your desk’s power points with items, just pick 3-5 areas you need help with and place lucky charms there.

Cleanse Your Desk

It’s important to do a wipe down of your desk at the end of everyday to clear all the bad energy out. If you’ve been to a meeting that went terribly wrong, the table (especially if it’s wood) has probably absorbed all the bad juju and you don’t want to absorb this on to the next day. So, wipe your desk clean with some spritz of water + organic citruses! The same goes for the trashcan, have it cleared out at the end of everyday.

How do you plan to attract that coveted promotion through these tips? Shout out in the comment section below!

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