Fashion Trends That Made A Comeback This 2019

Fashion Trends That Made A Comeback This 2019

Fashion Trends That Made A Comeback This 2019

Fashion is very diverse and trends change like days in the calendar however, there are a lot of trends from the previous years that made a comeback this year. We are proud that they made it to the 21st century as they have been fun to add and mix and match with our wardrobe. Here’s a list of those! 

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Bike Shorts 

Paired with a cute top or a blazer, rock bike shorts for any occasion. Perfect with stilettos, chunky sneakers, and a statement belt. 



We are talking about those cute and colourful Teva sandals that you can use for fashion and function. Available in  different styles and colours, you can use them anywhere and everywhere. 


Belt Bags

We all know that they have been translated into many kinds, fanny packs are durable and perfect especially when you are travelling. It also stands out as a fashion piece and can be the spice you need for any outfit!


Dad Sneakers

One of the trends we are seriously crushing on are these sneakers! Perfect for a dress, co-ords, and any trendy ensemble! 


Bucket Hats

For all types of seasons, bucket hats are so versatile and comfortable. You can use them everyday, indoors and outdoors. 

What’s your favourite 2019 fashion trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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