Here’s Everything You Need To Survive Cinco De Mayo

Here’s Everything You Need To Survive Cinco De Mayo

Enough with the Justin Timberlake it’s already May. Only a couple of days into the month and we’ve already felt just how much of a good time it will be. May The Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, hits us with star-sighted horoscopes. One day later and we’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo, the Mexican holiday where people throw lit parties for a historical victory. Now, we’ve taught you the ins and outs of how to throw a Mexican party, but can you actually survive?

Get your beroccas ready, people. It’s tequila time!

Rally your friends for a fun night out

You should never go out alone. It’s simply not as fun and kind of sad if you do. Rally however many friends you have and drag them out with you, with the promise of tequila if necessary. Wild memories are made on fun celebrations like this, and it’s always wiser and better to be surrounded by people who you vibe with during it.

Pregame with some food to keep you alive

We’re previously discussed just how ~amazing~ Mexican food can be. From tacos and taquitos to chimichangas and chorizo, the choices are endless! Which is good, because one can arguably say that the pre-drinking meal is the most important. That’s right, screw breakfast. If you want to make it out of the club alive, load up with food (but not too much- you still want to get buzzed, right?) to avoid being wheelchaired out. Trust us, it happens.

Know what to wear

No, there’s no official dress code, but to blend in with The Island’s tropical taste and Cinco De Mayo’s Mexican magic, modernize the look with a teeny tiny bandeau paired with a flowy skirt or linen wide legged pants! Or perhaps you’d feel a little more comfortable in a printed dress that features the Mexican colors? It pays to blend in with your surroundings, and when your surroundings happen to be loud and proud colors and breezy fabrics, why not join in?

Let loose with a lot of tequila

Make like Oprah and be generous with the tequila. You get a shot, he gets a shot, EVERYBODY gets a shot! This is where the tacos and burritos become helpful, because you’ll be taking in a lot of alcohol to get lit. Tequila, mojitos, margaritas, all of the sorts to keep you refreshed and revel ready.

Drink, dance, don’t drive

It sucks having to ask your friends to be the designated driver. You all want to get drunk off you asses, but what’s the use of surviving the night if you don’t survive your way home? Dark, right? Let’s lighten up. As someone who’s been in this situation a lot, I highly suggest for you to just call up a car on Grab. The added bonus there is that your night out doesn’t depend on what time your friend wants to leave.

If you said that the tips we gave above are just the basic survival rules of a wild night out, you’re correct. Cinco De Mayo, at the end of the day, is another night for us to kick back, relax, and get sloshed with your best fiends. In case you’ve got no plans ready, celebrate Cinco De Mayo at The Island at The Palace this, obviously, May 5! Remember, no guest lists necessary! Just walk on in and we’ll see you there!

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