Everything That Has Happened in the First Two Weeks of 2020

Everything That Has Happened in the First Two Weeks of 2020

Disasters and scary news about wars have been released left and right and it has only been 2 weeks in the new year. The positive and hopeful outlook into the new year/new decade can wait because we should all be informed of what’s happening all over the world. Being informed will able us to know what we can do to help or what we can do to stay safe. This way we can still see a future we are positive and hopeful for. 

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A million thank yous to all who have shared and contributed to the resource sheet in my bio – that information is so helpful. Thank you to those who donated, who sent prayers. The fires are still burning this morning, some of them spanning over 300,000 ha and some of them still out of control. ⁣ ⁣ Please do whatever you can, share the information to whomever you can, donate whatever you can. We still need more financial aid to support the evacuees, animal welfare and rescue, emergency services and the volunteers risking their lives to try to control the uncontrollable. The winds are ferocious and dust storms are engulfing NSW.⁣ ⁣ If you can’t donate this morning, spend it reading!! Educating ourselves is the best way to inform our future decisions. I’m still building the resource sheet in the link in my bio if you’d like to know more – alternatively if anyone else can share with me more data + information, please do. ⁣ ⁣ Photos by @mattabbottphoto #australianbushfires #prayforaustralia

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I’m sure you have heard of the Australian fires by now. It is happening all over the country but the worst part hit is New South Wales. National parks, houses, animals and people have been burnt from this wildfire. What caused it exactly? Australia is experiencing their worst drought ever. So a lightning strike or a bushfire set by a person can intensify. Of course, climate change and humans go hand in hand and this is the sole reason why this is happening. A lot has been lost, but we can still help. There are sites up for donation to help the people who have lost their homes, businesses, animals that need saving and for restoration. But this should be a major wake up call as to why small acts like eating less meat or stop buying fast fashion to lessen our carbon footprints should be part of our resolutions for the new year. 

Flash Floods

It started raining on New Year’s Eve and it has caused floods and landslides. Yes, that sounds normal when there’s a storm but these flash floods has killed people, damaged infrastructures and it is reported that there will still be rain in the next few days. This should push us more to stop using single-use plastics and to take segregating trash seriously. 


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Two countries have been hit by a disastrous earthquake. Puerto Rico with a 5.9 magnitude and Iran with a 4.5 magnitude. There were no reported deaths in Iran, thankfully, but Puerto Rico had it bad. Mother Earth is getting mad and we need to act fast. Earthquakes are natural disasters we can’t predict nor control, so best to remember protocols when it happens and to always, always prep your go bag in your homes. 

Volcanic Eruption

We all have heard about the Taal Volcano eruption that is still being monitored until today. Alerts have been made, the south has already experienced an earthquake and there is a tsunami warning. Days ago, a volcano is Alaska erupted too and it is said that numerous volcanoes have been erupting and very active all over the world right now. It may or may not be a coincidence but it’s good to know to be prepared. Same with earthquakes, we should know how to be prepared when these things happen. 


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A threat of a war between the U.S. and Iran has us shaking. A war is not something we want to happen on top of all this natural disasters. This news broke when Iran fired 6 missiles to the Iraq army base housing US military. The missiles were a counter attack to a drone attack the US made against them that killed a top general in Iran. Of course, these countries won’t back down but hopefully they can settle it without going on a full war. 

Let’s start lessening our carbon footprint and always be vigilant with disasters. Stay safe everyone! What are your thoughts on these news? Share it with us below!

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