/ESCAPE’s Friends Share Their Terrifying Tales of Sleep Paralysis

/ESCAPE’s Friends Share Their Terrifying Tales of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is nothing new to many of us. It is the terrifying experience of  waking up from a nap or a long sleep, but finding yourself unable to move and even worse, seeing scary sights while this occurs.

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According to the National Health Source UK, “Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you’re waking up or falling asleep.” Sounds familiar?

There are probably hundreds of thousands of stories of sleep paralysis but, here are the craziest ones we gathered from everyone:

The Sleepover

My grandfather died at our home last October 2018. Just recently, my cousin from abroad slept over at our house. It was a pretty normal night for everyone at home. My cousin was sleeping on a latag on the floor beside my bed. In the middle of the night, we both woke up having sleep paralysis. The crazy part was we were facing each other, so we saw how frozen we both were. We heard a loud banging sound coming from the bathroom door inside the room, then there were footsteps that were getting closer and louder. It didn’t stop there. Suddenly, there was a high pitched laughing voice. At this point, we were both desperate to get out of it. We just waited, lucky we snapped out of it. Both of us thought it was a dream, we later confirmed that both of us really experienced the same thing. – Jason, Antipolo City

Afternoon Naps

I’ve heard a lot of sleep paralysis experiences, mine’s a bit different because for me I usually get sleep paralysis when I take an afternoon nap. I realize I’m awake but can’t move, I’m aware I’m having sleep paralysis and I can “see” my surroundings which is wherever I actually am and whoever is around. If I panic, I feel like I can’t breathe. Since it’s happened so many times, I know how to stay calm already. I just try to wiggle my toes or my fingers to wake up. When they say it only happens when you sleep on your back, it isn’t true either because I always sleep on my tummy. It doesn’t happen only when I’m tired either. As long as it’s an afternoon nap it can happen to me. – Cristina, Makati City

The Whisperer

One evening, I suddenly woke up because of constant whispering directly to my ear. It was saying my name over and over. I tried to move but I couldn’t move. Suddenly I hear a defining loud noise, when it got even louder, I finally snapped out of the paralysis. I ran right away to my mom’s room then slept there instead. I thought the horror was over but the same loud deafening noise happened again, then I found myself having sleep paralysis beside my mom. I just tried to calm down, closed my eyes, and waited for my body to comeback to its senses. – JC, Makati City


There was one whole week where I had sleep paralysis two to three times per night. There are a lot of times wherein I feel like I’m half awake, aware of my surroundings, and sometimes in my head I even hold my phone. But it turns out, it was just like some sort of reality that my brain was trying to create, I was actually asleep the whole time. Every time this event occurs, it automatically concludes to sleep paralysis. I try to speak and scream but, no voice comes out. It feels heavy like as if there’s an elephant on my body. I was advised before to move my toes when this happens but, it’s really hard to move anything. It almost takes five minutes to force my body out of it, and it’s extremely tiring. One time, I even thought I was out of it but, when I thought I could move I was still stuck. – Andrei, Cainta City

I’m an Astral

I experienced most of my sleep paralysis when I was college. There are times at night when I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, finding myself sitting on the edge of my bed. That’s when my sleep paralysis gets triggered. Whenever I get surprised seeing myself, I end up in paralysis. I try to scream, call for attention, but nothing. I hear myself, but I end up speaking slurry, so it’s really no help at all. I can’t move a muscle in my body. What I tried doing instead is to call myself and pray, because I could see myself from the edge of the bed starting to walk away. I continued praying while closing my eyes, then after awhile, my body just came back and I can finally move. – Joy, Pasig City

They said the best way to really get out of sleep paralysis is to start moving your fingers or toes, but from our stories it seems like it doesn’t work for everyone. We were surprised to learn that for some it doesn’t only occur at night, it could actually happen while you’re having afternoon naps.  Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Tell us about it!

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