#ESCAPEJams: Sappy and Single

#ESCAPEJams: Sappy and Single

It’s that time of the year again when us single people get reminded about our relationship status. LOL! So, let us just tell you that it’s okay to be sad about it if you want to! You can be happy for the people on dates, no one is bitter here, but feeling sad is valid! So if you just want to be sappy because you’re single or just cry it out because you’re going through a breakup or you miss someone, there is a playlist to accompany you! And of course, we made that playlist. Check it out below:

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In this playlist you will find some slow pop and indie music to set the mood. The songs were curated by themes of missing someone you used to be with, longing for someone, or trying to get over a person/heartbreak. So if you are going through any of these feelings, especially now that it’s the day of love, go ahead and blast this playlist!

What’s a sad song you cry to? Share it with us below!

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