#ESCAPEJams: Our Fave Women Empowering Songs

#ESCAPEJams: Our Fave Women Empowering Songs

March is the month of women! Moms, Sisters, Grandmothers, Girlfriends, Friends, Transwomen, and everyone who sees themselves as a woman, this month is for you! Even if woman empowerment should be an everyday thing but to be recognized in a man’s world and have a month dedicated to us is amazing! So more than ever, we should practice self-love, practice kindness to one another and empower each other! We should all fight for equality but also not forget to dance it out and enjoy!

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So for International Women’s Month, we made a playlist of 10 women empowering songs! Songs that will make you want to sing out loud and feel yourself! Check out the playlist below:

Here’s to girl power! What are your favorite women empowering jams? Share it below!

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