/ESCAPEHacks: How To Fit Everything You Need In a Carry On

/ESCAPEHacks: How To Fit Everything You Need In a Carry On

Budget travels are within reach especially with all the airline sales! But of course with that, there is no baggage allowance allotted yet, unless you purchase of course. To stay on budget, why not maximize the 7kg carry on luggage you get? Personally, I’m an overpacker because I love having extra stuff, you know, just in case something happens or you decide to extend somehow. So I struggle with packing light, but I learned over a few travels that it’s not so bad. Here are a few tips on how to travel with just a carry on:

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A cute backpack or a light suitcase

If you have a cute but still sizey backpack or a light but still chic suitcase then that’s the way to go! Make sure it will keep in the 7kg so that it still counts as a carry on and fits the overhead storage.

100 ml containers

I can’t live without my skincare essentials! Shampoo and soap are usually provided in hostels and hotels anyway, and if not you can always buy at the nearest convenience store. But there are other stuff you won’t find elsewhere and that’s why you should invest in reusable 100ml containers that can store your liquid essentials and still pass the airline guidelines. 

Need to know folding techniques

The trick is to maximize the space of your luggage! So how many folds you can fold that shirt, pants or whatever – do it! Learn all the good folding techniques and how to make things fit because it will be useful, especially if you put in a bit of shopping in there as well. 

Advance planning of outfits

What helped me the most to not overpack is knowing our itinerary or at least what is instore for me/us on certain days. That way I can pre-plan my outfits and pack just that. 

One pair of shoes

I’m sure you have that one pair of sneakers or sandals that go well with all your outfits! So that’s the one you should bring (or wear already on departure). This will save a lot of space. Maybe if you’re going to the beach, you can opt to pack your slippers but other than that I’m sure one pair of shoes will keep you going. 

What are you tips on packing light and traveling with just a carry on? Please share it with us so we can use it on our next adventure!

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