/ESCAPE Turns 4: A Throwback to our Best Parties Last Year

/ESCAPE Turns 4: A Throwback to our Best Parties Last Year

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary the only way we know how: BIG and AMAZING. Everyone is invited, drinks are on us, and A-List performer will definately be on the deck to perform. Sadly, due to current events, we won’t be out and about to celebrate this milestone. #sadreactsonly But that doesn’t mean we have to sulk around about it, we are extremely grateful for four years of pop culture, music, nightlife, and YOU! All of you who have been here since day one, we would just be another website on Google but you guys make all the difference. We mean it #AuthenticLoveOnly. 

Now that we’re 4 years in the biz, we’re definitely older and wiser but we’re nowhere near boring and we never will be. We take a look back on our year, all the good stuff that make /ESCAPE what it is! People, music, drinks, sex, and everything in between. We wouldn’t be 4 without you and this one is 4 you (puns)! To the nights we know we won’t remember… unless we see it on our IG Stories the morning after. Cheers! 


careless music manila

We always want you to be in the know because being in the know is hot. This channel is like curated TV with nothing but the what’s what and the who’s who. It’s raw and it’s real. Check out our video interview with James, Nadine, and the Careless Music Manila crew here! We also have an exclusive chat with Bazzi here!

What So Not

To celebrate our 3rd bday last year, we invited Aussie producer What So Not to take over The Island stage. We kicked off the night with an open bar, because drinks obviously have to be on you on your birthday! And a shit ton of fun games with prizes from our best friends in the city! 

Here’s What You Missed that Night: The 3RD /ESCAPE Anniversary Party

A$AP Rocky

April was the best time to have this beautiful man take over the XYLO stage. While there was a shoe incident, anyone who went that night knows that that night was fucking breathtaking!


Miguel, Miguel Singer, Miguel Manila, Miguel at the Palace, The Palace Manila

Who can forget when Miguel took over The Island on a WEDNESDAY with a PACKED crowd?! Who the fuck cares abou curfew and partying on a weeknight? Not. Us. It was an unforgettable night as Grammy-Award winner MIGUEL played us his best hits, even with a sore throat! Big dick energy right there. 

What You Missed that Night: All the SEXIEST MIGUEL Moments You Missed Last Night

Game Nights with The Bar

Of course, how can we forget our Game Nights thanks to our friends from The Bar Gin! Mechanics were easy, invite 5 friends and we’ll take care of the games! Groups from all places battled it up with different tasks and qs! 


Perhaps a night for the books, Bazzi gave us a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful night. Goosebumps the whole time, we definitely need him to come back for another show! And as if his amazing performance wasn’t enough, RUSS even dropped by by SURPRISE because he was playing in Manila the next night! And how can we not mention that Bazzi and RUSS jumped into the pool??? WILD.

What You Missed That Night: RUSS’ Surprise Cameo + Bazzi Taking over The Island Pool

Area 51

Facts only: Mond throws the best parties and we dropped our pants when he announced he was going to host a Raid Area 51 party. This was inspired by the Raid Area 51 that happened in the USA, both were happening simultaneously! Who’s who of the planet Earth came in their most galactic outfit and partied into the night! No aliens were harmed that night, we promise.

What You Missed that Night: FLASHES & FACES: Mond’s Raid Area 51 Party at Yes Please


You spend Halloween with us or you spend your entire life depriving yourself of what would have been the best night of your life. We do this every year and it just keeps getting bigger, better, and wilder. The whole The Palace Manila turns into a proper /ESCAPE from the rest of the world, some are spooky, some are sexy but one thing is for sure, they’re all going to get you properly shitfaced, whatever your costume is!

Dear Santa…

Our first ever Christmas campaign tackles the big question we’ve been asked since you were little: Are you naughty or nice? All of this turns into a gray area because we all promises to have 1 drink(s), we all said it was going to be a “chill” night, we all said we’ll go home by 11PM but get wheelchaired out of the club at 4AM. Our Dear Santa campaign is all about the whimsy and beautiful truth of the night life: you’ll never know what happens and that’s great. FYI, even we felt attacked by this campaign… And we made it! 

Amazing Features 

We kicked off 2020 with EXCLUSIVE interviews from the most #relevant people today. We first had Kiana V. over to just talk about beginnings and endings. “2019 was the year I met myself,” she bares in that interview. Come love month 2020, we had Mito + Leila (#ship!) over for Scenezoned. They give us all the vday #feelz with their super heartfelt interview! “This relationship is really for us, not anyone else.” the couple shares. AWWW!

What’s your favorite /ESCAPE memory? Drop it in the comments!

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