The most exciting time of the year (in our books, at least) is nearing””do you know who you’re going to be this year? No, we don’t mean becoming Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, so put Santa’s hat away for now! We mean your best fabulous alter ego self for the season of all things spooky!

But before we get into the spirit of trick-or-treating, here are a few things you might want to (albeit you really should) remember when glamming up for a wild night out in the town.

1. Follow the dress code.

Yup. We all remember that moment when Cadie stuck out like a sore thumb (more like a bride with intense gingivitis), so to avoid those awkward stares, remember to always check up on the dress code. Whether it’s a Game of Thrones or Night of the Living Dead themed party, it’s always best to get the memo and stick to it. You wouldn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons, would you?

2. Get to know what’s in!


Dressing up as the latest “ËœIt’ character of a movie or series is a surefire way to catch people’s eyes. Not to mention it’s a great conversation starter with your crush who’s probably digging that Hans Solo or Khaleesi loincloth ensemble you put on.

3. Stylize and individualize.

What’s the point of dressing up for Halloween when you’re not gonna go all out, right? A word of caution: because you are channeling a popular character, take note that chances are (better pray that yours are slim to none) you’ll find someone (or three) dressed the same way. Our solution? Just make sure that you dress up so #EXTRA that you become the best Joker there is out of the 10 in attendance.

4. Wear something you can dance in!

Let’s face it, we all want to be over the top bongga with our costume come Halloween because, honey, it’s the only day we can get away with being so majorly over-the-top. But remember, only put on something you can handle (and preferably something that will stay on as you shimmy and shake your boo-ty).

5. Slay the dancefloor, not your feet.


Just because you can wear your highest diva heels to match that Beyoncé look you’re going for, that doesn’t mean you have to raise the bars for your tiis ganda threshold. We’ve all had that moment when we had to strut our stuff and power through the night in those to-die for heels, but when it comes to Halloween, make sure that the look would help you slay, slay, slay, and not say aray, aray, aray.

6. Enjoy a fun and wild night out!

What’s Halloween when you can’t dance to your heart’s desire, right? Whatever you choose to wear, and whoever you choose to be, just remember to keep the spirit alive and keep the fun going! So what are you waiting for? Gear up and gather the squad and head on over to Valkyrie Nightclub, Revel, or Yes Please (take your pick!) for Halloween for the best spooktastic parties in the metro. Remember, you have to be in your best scare (or sexy) suits because the best ones in costume just might win a prize!

For more details, visit @valkyrie_club, @revelatthepalace, @yespleaseph, and on Instagram or visit Valkyrie at The Palace, Revel at The PalaceYes Please, and B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar on Facebook. For inquiries and reservations, dial 0917-680-8888 (Valkyrie), 0917-550-8888 (Revel), 0917-140-7777 (Yes Please), or 0917-550-9999 (B.A.D.)