/ESCAPE Picks: Where To Travel To 2020 For That Bomb IG Pic

/ESCAPE Picks: Where To Travel To 2020 For That Bomb IG Pic

New decade, new memories, new travels! For most of us our peak adventure years is just starting and that’s 100 percent exciting! Don’t you think? Some of us may be travelling more this year or some of us don’t have travel plans just yet. Well we listed down 8 places you might want to check out and explore this year!

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Ho Chi Minh

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Ho Chi Minh, but some locals still call the city Saigon, is in Vietnam. A bustling city that merges their culture with more modern infrastructure, lifestyle and whatnot. They call their cities as districts and each district has something unique to it. District 1 has the most tourist spots, modern cafes and the backpacking street. District 2 is their expat district with more high-end restaurants and art galleries. District 8 and 10 are more residential. The Cu Chi tunnels is also an hour or two away from main Saigon and it’s where you can learn more about the Vietnam war. If you want to see more of the history of Vietnam and still see how much they’ve evolved and has very much rich craft culture – then this is the place to visit.

El Nido

I’m sure you want to at least have one great beach trip this year! So where else should you go but to one of the beaches right here in our country, El Nido. Rich in clear blue waters, beautiful limestone cliffs and local craftsmanship. You can find chic hostels, great cafes, hipster bars and fancy boutiques in the main area – make friends and explore! Island hop and see the beauty of this island this summer or whenever.


Amsterdam may have some sort of reputation but it is a city rich in culture and fun! Rows and rows of somewhat identical houses, a biking community, a farm of tulips, single origin coffee and stroop waffles! What is there to not like about this city? Stroll or bike around, visit museums, and then party at night. I think this place is worth the visit.


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Taiwan is known for their great street food scene! But there is more to Taiwan than Taipei City – it’s great don’t get us wrong – but the other areas of Taiwan is worth checking up on. Taitung is in the southeast coast of the country. It is quieter but not too provincial. The food is good, art scene is good and you know what else there is? Surf! A lot of the coastlines in Taiwan has surf. But Taitung is one of the friendliest places to do so and they have surf shops available too. Cool, right?


Another local destination you should definitely check out is somewhere in the Visayan region. Siquijor is known as a place where witchcraft is huge and that has people usually scared. But Siquijor is actually a wonderful place to go to. They have great beaches, natural waterfalls and a growing food/party/hostel scene. It’s great to check it out before it gets flocked by too many tourists. 

Chiang Mai

Located in the Northern area of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a sanctuary. Basically Bangkok but way way more chill and more nature! Natural parks, safaris, an elephant jungle where they actually treat the elephants well! They rehabilitate sick and injured elephants, and give them a home fit for them. Isn’t that great? So if you ever want to pet an elephant in the most ethical way – Chiang Mai is your place. One other great thing about Thailand is the food, and you can definitely devour some great Thai food here. And shopping, of course!  


Melbourne, Australia is a hub for artists! Whether it’s food, drinks, art, crafts, whatever you can think of – Melbourne is where it is at. Food scene in Australia is really amazing, cafes and speakeasies are big and surf! It is life! You can even travel the Great Ocean road and see the amazing coastline of this place. 


Bali is the first place people want to travel to when they hear Indonesia. Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, is actually just as cool as hip haven Bali. The city has a growing food and drink culture, they hold big events in coffee or music festivals, yet it is still rich in their culture. Which is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture but also enjoy how they adapt international crafts into their way of life.

Where are you planning to go this year? Share us your travel plans! 

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