Horrific Tinder Stories 

Horrific Tinder Stories

Horrific Tinder Stories 

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The Halloween season is filled with spooky costumes, crazy parties, and a hella lot of drinking. We all know that during this activity filled season, a great horror also happens over in the Tinder world. If you have ever been on this latest and hit dating app, your experience is surely incomplete without an instant unmatch moment. Here are a few experiences that some of us and our friends went through. 


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Tara*, 20 

So when she tried the dating app for the first time, she was still in college and just looking for someone to chill and hangout with. She matched with a guy with long wavy hair with a bit of a scruff and seemed cute in so many angles. Come the day of the first date, Scruffy (let’s hide him in that name) was late for the theater showcase but was very apologetic when he arrived. He had great manners and was very softspoken, Tara could not help but notice that Scruffy looked like he was in his late thirties. She made sure they had dinner in a well lit place and bid her goodbyes right when they paid the bill. 


Jen* 28 

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See: reasons why I unmatched you.

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After matching with a normal looking guy for a change since the hunky ones are usually arrogant based from her experience, Jen and said guy went to a Filipino restaurant. Guy was joking constantly, was much of a gentleman, and insisted to pay the bill. When it came, he opened his wallet and was shocked that he had no cash.  Jen ended up paying for the both of them but the next day, guy instantly unmatched Jen. Way to get a free meal dude!


Alecs 24 – yep, it’s me! 

I went out with a guy when I was 20. He was into mutual funds and boasts about the best iced coffee in New York City. Since I was a sucker for coffee, his ginger hair and offer was such a treat. When we met, I was disappointed that he was just the same height as me but the coffee was great. After, we had dinner and drinks, ended up kissing when he dropped me off at my subway station to get home. Days passed by and I realized I had no attraction to him whatsoever. I decided to just ghost him. He would always view my snaps and end up calling and ask why I ditched him! He keeps saying I was so all over him when we went on a date. 5 months later, he still drunk calls me in the wee hours of the night. I ended up blocking him everywhere. 


Faith* 30

She was living on her own,  had a decent job, Faith was just very casual when it comes to her tinder encounters. She was so drunk one time and left with a cute guy that she met on the gallery socials. Faith had to use his bathroom but she ended up with a bad stomach and a number 2. When she came back to the living room and the guy had to go in after her, and immediately told her to leave, and that he was not feeling well. To this day Faith is still debating if she had flushed the toilet. 


Crazy right? Do you have a tinder horror story? Share your stories here and we might even included them in this article! 

*The names of the actual persons were changed to keep confidentiality. 
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