/ESCAPE Finds: The Best Happy Hour Deal in Metro Manila

/ESCAPE Finds: The Best Happy Hour Deal in Metro Manila

/ESCAPE Finds: The Best Happy Hour Deal in Metro Manila

Ever have those days when you just need a drink? Long office hours that end up in you needing a wine dine or a few beers with friends just to let all the stress slip away. After every clink of the glass when you say cheers, after work hours become great moments that can be etched in your memory. 

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Starting this October, our favourite casual hang out place: The Island At The Palace is getting on the happy hour train but don’t get fooled because they are doing it like no other. 

Heineken beers start at Php 80 per bottle and your other favourite staples like San Mig Light, Smirnoff Mule, Tiger Crystal Light, Tanduay Ice Apple & Lemonade, and Brew Kettle are also on the Php 80 mark. Perfect solution when you finally finish that hump day! 

Shots start at Php 80 as well with the Bacardi Superior Light and if you’re feeling like a party, Jose Cuervo Gold shots are Php 100! For the chill drinkers who have a long night ahead, shots of Johnnie Walker Black Label & Jack Daniels are easy to get at Php 150 per shot. 

Looking for the bump and grind? Party like no other with your friends and order The Bar Premium Gin bottles at Php 300! Endless shots and pouring liquor everywhere. Other liquor bottles starts at Php 999!

For the dancing kings and queens, Rum Coke & Vodka Sprites are at Php 80 only! Damn what a steal. Order up some pizza with three flavour choices from Triple Meat, Four Cheese, and Hawaiian. 

Take part in the happiest hour from 6 to 9 PM, Wednesdays to Sundays at The Island at the Palace. You’ll never know what hit you! 

Are you excited? TELL. EVERYONE. STAT! 

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