/ESCAPE Adulting Series: Living-In with Your Partner – Is It Time To Move In? 

/ESCAPE Adulting Series: Living-In with Your Partner – Is It Time To Move In?

/ESCAPE Adulting Series: Living-In with Your Partner – Is It Time To Move In? 

It’s the 21st century and the local dating scene is ever evolving. From attending high school fairs, participating in a soiree, going on a blind date, the world has changed and made dating much easier and faster. We now live in a world of Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Happn, and many other social dating apps that help us connect with other people at the click of a button or at the swipe of a photo. Many have found love in the weirdest of places but it is now deemed romantic when you find it in one of these platforms. Now, no matter how your relationship came to be, the next step after the lovey dovey courting phase is moving in. Once your partner asks you this question, are you ready to give them an answer? If you are comfortable with the truths we are sharing below, then maybe you’ll know what to do! Find out now!


Know Each Other Well vs. Getting Bored Of Each Other

Alas the honeymoon phase begins, you can’t get enough of each other, and all you want to do is do everything together. It will be helpful in getting to know your partner better. You’ll find out everything about them up until the way they throw their trash. It will be an endless discovery of their personality and you will be thrilled of the cute things they can do. However, knowing everything about your partner leaves no room for surprises and you might end up getting bored of each other. Are you ready for this?


Better Communication Vs. Nothing More To Talk About

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Being able to talk in person saves less room for misinterpretation. Texts or messages don’t relay feelings as much as when they are said verbally. Being in the same home as your partner gives you the comfort and safety of being able to share what you really feel and what you truly think of things. This makes it all worth it but there will come a time that you and your partner will have nothing to talk about. Don’t worry if you both are comfortable in silence but if not, maybe it’s not time yet. 


Comfortability vs. Complacency

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At the start of all the fun, it will be cute to come home to meals made by your special someone. Waking up with the scent of freshly brewed coffee is surely a dream but who washes the dishes after? You or your partner might be getting so cozy one is exerting more efforts and the other is slacking off. It’s hard to not become complacent when you have been spoiled but sometimes, being lazy becomes the issue. 


Loving The Quirks vs. Resenting Their Flaws

They could be snoring when they sleep or farting all around you but at the start of the relationship, these things are cute and lovely. They might have a habit of putting the toilet seat down, or washing the dishes when they are mad instead of talking to you. You will love it all and won’t complain but when it starts to affect you long term, these quirks eventually become flaws and your partner is led to believe that you don’t love them for themselves anymore if it becomes a problem. Already address these head on instead of being all cutesy so you can avoid having to have the talk in the future. 


Personal Space & Privacy

As much as being needy and clingy is not such a bad thing in right doses, you must set a time for you and your partner to have personal space. There will be times that you will love when you have your home all to yourself then you will miss them after. Living together doesn’t have to mean that you will be all up in each other’s business. If you can’t do that,  we think you shouldn’t rush it. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much you can tolerate and what you should do to address major challenges right when you see them. Being able to talk to each other in a setting that is comfortable for you both helps in strengthening any relationship. 


Ready for the big day? Let us know in the comments below your experiences! 

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