Easy Ways To Practice Self Love

Easy Ways To Practice Self Love

Easy Ways To Practice Self Love

Tired of life just really making you a punching bag? Do you often see yourself getting stressed about the littlest of things? Is your environment not encouraging your growth anymore? There are so many questions that we can ask when it comes to making sure that we are okay. There are also times that it’s so easy to just quit and give everything up. For those days, we want to make sure that you don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. In fact, self love is now IN. Here are some ways for you to practice putting yourself first and not giving a piece about anyone else. 

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Have A Healthy Diet & Exercise

It might sound too cliche but this is really true. Having proper activities for your body and eating the right types of food gives you the energy to power through your day. It’s also very helpful in avoiding illnesses and your body breaking down because of a burn out. Invest in the food you eat and enjoy every healthy meal that you will have. 



Quiet time is precious and meditating can help you reflect on those things that bug you. Finding time for silence and relaxation can give you that breather from the world’s toxicities. Taking deep breaths before making actual decisions can also help you keep your zen and practice not being impulsive and emotional with your decisions. 


Spend Those $$$

Splurge! Not extremely but get yourself those shoes. Giving yourself a reward when you know you deserve it and especially when you have that extra cushion on your budget can keep you motivated for the hustle. Being able to afford these things and actually having something tangible can be a good boost for your morale. 


Drink For Fun

Drinking can be done alone! This is tried and tested. Sit at a bar and order your favourite cocktail (perfect at Yes, Please!) strike up a conversation with the bar man and enjoy meeting new people. An environment you are not used to can help refresh your mind.  


Have A Day For Yourself 

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This is one of the most important things you should try! Watching a movie alone or dining out somewhere is good for you. The freedom of having your own time and just doing what you want makes up for a missed company! You’ll never know unless you take a jump! 

Making sure that your body is well, your mind is healthy, and you enjoy yourself alone or not is something that you should never take for granted. You might feel like being alone is no fun but these are the times that help you strengthen the most important relationship that you will ever have. This relationship is with yourself. You will be going through many things in life and practising these can help you improve your outlook, change your perspective, and see the bigger picture of things. Always looking into the self can change your life for the better!

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Any self care practices you have tried? Comment them below and help another soul out!

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