Easy Outfit Revamps That Will Take You From Day to Night

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Easy Outfit Revamps That Will Take You From Day to Night

So you just wrapped up work and want to head out for a drink. The inner voice inside of you feels like people will judge you for wearing your office clothes to the bar because your outfit’s boring and totally lola. You don’t want people staring at you, all of whom are dressed like Gatsby invited them, to judge you. If you feel totally conscious, we’ve listed down some style tips for you to take your look from day to night!

Change Your Shoes

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See it like it want it got it 🛒 #the___edit

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Remember how Cinderella changed shoes and magically had the most turnt night of her life? Yeah, that’s how insane a pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. While we also recommend you bring your killer stilettos to the club, white sneakers are a total go for any outfit. Yes! Even the club! Or, you can wear some statement loafers with that!

Remove Your Pants


Well, don’t go commando. Switch your slacks or pencil skirt for something comfortable like shorts or some athleisure pants. Leave your office bottom in a friend’s car or in your work pedestal!

Strip Down

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Ah, yes. The blazer. The ever so trusty blazer. How can we live without it? It instantly makes you in a bizwhiz in 3 seconds. Construct your morning outfit with a dressy top and a blazer. Come night time, remove the blazer and sparkle all you want! You can also opt for a plain top and accessorize with statement earrings. This also works better if you’re wearing a dress so all you have to leave in the office is your blazer!

Smaller Bags, Please!

The only truth in life: Partying with a big bag sucks. Leave your slouchy big work bag well, at work. Keep it in your work pedestal and bring a compact bag that has all your party essentials!

Switch Your Accessories

A little black dress is a total must for its insane versatility. At work, keep it simple and classy with sime pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. Come 7PM, switch it up with statement necklaces and layered bracelets (yes, this is becoming a thing again!). If you’re feeling a bit flirty, add a choker for some instant sexy. For a more trendy look, wear some shades!

Retouch Your Makeup!


At work, it’s important to keep a fresh face and perhaps a bold red lip. Before you head out, keep the bold lip and pair with some extra bronzer, highlighter, and eye makeup! Don’t forget to powder your T-zone!

Whichever style you want to wear out tonight, a majority of the outlets in The Palace (B.A.D., Yes Please, The Island) has no dress code so COME AS YOU ARE as the rock prophet Kurt Cobain once said. Doors open as early as 6PM!

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