Drunk Horror Stories

Drunk Horror Stories

Let’s face it, drunk stories are scarier than any other horror story out there! They are embarrassing, hilarious and something you will never forget! Or something you don’t even remember…. But what are friends for, right? They probably have videos, photos and stories about your drunken nights that will make you laugh and facepalm yourself.

And you know, vice versa too! If they think you got nothing on them, then they are probably wrong LOL. Drunk stories are scary, but funny too. We listed down some drunk horror stories that have happened to us and we’re sure you’ve experienced some of these at some point.

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Drunk Calling…. 5 Times

It’s forgivable, still embarrassing, but forgivable to drunk call your ex once. But, F I V E times is just, wow. I have no words for myself, yes, it’s me. This is my drunk horror story. And this is why ex’s numbers should be deleted from our phones! 

Buying Fast Food and Forgetting About It

Fast food is the best after a night out of drinking! You think you’re hungry and you can wait until you get home, but then you wake up and OOF your fast food is still on your side table untouched. And probably have ants around them. Ew. I guess next time, let’s not force ourselves to buy that burger! 

Puking At The Bar

If you gotta puke, you gotta puke, right? It helps us with the hangover the next day! But it is such a horror to puke right. There. At. the. Damn. bar!!! In the bathroom stall is fine. Outside in a hidden ditch, is questionable, but fine. But for all the people to see. *facepalm* 

Buying People Drinks

I had a friend who went to Bali and got drunk at the club. Typical right? But she woke up the next day and saw her bank texted her that she spent approximately a huge amount on shots! And she vaguely remembers buying STRANGERS shots! L O L! 

Dancing on Tables

Alcohol does give you a boost of confidence. So much confidence that you start dancing on tables! I guess this is not too scary, but the videos of you sloppily dancing on tables, out of tune, out of rhythm is just cringe worthy. 

Falling Off Chairs

This is another personal story. And it happened in B.A.D!!! Me and my barkada were drunk on tequila (what’s new) and Jagermeister…. And the next thing I know I was falling off the chair, and my friends were even surprised as to how that happened. And I still can’t live it down up to this day. 

Falling In A Fountain

My friend was major drunk and was fooling around trying to balance on the fountain outside of Xylo! And of course, he got off balanced and fell! LMAO. That wasn’t even the end, his wallet was so soaked so he realized he couldn’t even pay his Grab because the bills were too wet!! The horror of falling, getting wet and not even knowing how the F you’ll get home. 

Waking Up To Drunk Purchases

I know so many people. Sitting in the corner on their phones? Are they drunk texting? Are they just on IG? NO! They are already shopping!!! And nothing can stop them. One time, my friend just got a packaged and she wasn’t even sure what it was and when she bought it only to remember that she added to cart intoxicated. This is scary for the bank account, really. 

Making Out With Someone You Swore You Would Never

Alcohol really blurs a lot of things. I’m sure a lot of us have experienced this. Making out with an ex again. With someone you swore you would never. Jeez. I don’t know what goes through our heads but I guess we can’t forget this anymore. Or deny we’ve ever made out with that person – omg especially if it happened in public. *cringe* but whatever for now. 

Can’t. Remember. Anything.

THE WORST. The absolute horror in drunk horror stories, to be honest. Waking up and not even remembering anything and having to hear it from people what the F you were doing the night before. And of course, you can’t stand all these stories, like who the freak was that? That wasn’t me? That was, I guess, my drunken alter ego. 

And this is the point, we all swear off alcohol. But do we ever? Share your drunk horror stories below! 

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