Drop Dead Gorgeous Outfits from The Island’s Dia De Los Muertos Party

Drop Dead Gorgeous Outfits from The Island’s Dia De Los Muertos Party

Nothing says Halloween better than Dia De Los Muertos! It’s extremely festive and historic way to celebrate the season, and super perfect for The Island. Even if it rained, there was no stopping party-goers from storming to The BIGGEST HALLOWEEN PARTY of 2019. We’re not joking when we say that people were dancing in the rain like there was no tomorrow! Thanks to Kat DJ, the vibes was all set for an amazing night! Not to mention how she came dressed for the occasion!

Glammed up skeletons and deadly cuties were spotted walking all over the The Island! Thanks to our friends at Globe, everyone was posting their outfits and unforgettable night online! This Mexican-inspired party paired perfectly with everyone’s favourite Mexican drink: TEQUILA. And everyone knows Jose Cuervo is the way to go when it comes to Tequila shots and Margaritas! We spotted a could of skeletons also making their way to Jose Cuervo’s experiential space inside The Island: Hola Chica!

Here’s everything you missed in the HOTTEST/BIGGEST Halloween bash of 2019!

Missed this Halloween Bash? Don’t worry! We have a ton more parties in-store! Check out our socials for updates


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