Drinks You Should Order For Yourself And Your Date Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Drinks You Should Order For Yourself And Your Date Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Find yourself stumped when your date can’t pick their poison just yet? You may not know them very well at first, but a quick glance at their zodiac signs will tell you a lot about what their tastes may be like. 


Here’s a list of tried and tested drinks that you can order for yourself and your hot date based on your zodiac signs:



What To Order: The Blair Witch Project

Where: Yes Please

Eclectic tastes are the name of your game. Choose a cocktail cool and creepy enough to keep up.



What To Order: Magic Wand

Where: Xylo

We’re definitely recommending something to dry up your tears. A good cry is good for anybody, but you Pisces will take it extra hard during this Mercury Retrograde. Don’t fret! All you need is a little Magic!



What To Order: Forrest Gump

Where: Yes Please

You guys are probably the most intense zodiac sign around, and what else can match your intensity than The Forrest Gump? Maker’s Mark Buorbon + creole bitters, martini rosso and more served in a chocolate egg. So, the answer? Nothing. Drink up.



What To Order: Going Bananas

Where: Xylo

Going Bananas with all your responsibilities today? Who are we kidding–you Tauruses love the thrill. Nightcap with this special cocktail after a long day for some good ol’ alcoholic rest and relaxation 



What To Order: Mojito

Where: The Island

Alright, if any of the signs had to enjoy getting absolutely smashed over the sweetest drinks, it has to be you. Try to drink your Mojito in moderation this time, okay? Or maybe not.



What To Order: Heineken Beer

Where: The Island

Nothing soothes a sensitive soul quite like a full-bodied beer. Open a bottle of Heineken and drink your feelings away, friend.



What To Order: Pretty Woman

Where: Yes Please

A sophisticated, yet proud (admit it, Leos!) personality like yours deserves a cocktail that tastes like you’re ready to impress your friends–by telling them of your many adventures while taking a sip.



What To Order: Cuba Libre

Where: Xylo

Newsflash: for this mercury’s retrograde, stop focusing on other people’s problems and start treating yourself for once. Enjoy your own stability. Down a Cuba Libre!




Where: BAD

Libras have the best taste in everything–from clothes, to shoes, to a drink of choice but we all know you’re a little wild at heart (and maybe a bit competitive too?) Treat yourself with a delicious meal at BAD  and take on our BAD Examples challenge! We dare you!



What To Order: New York Sour 

Where: Revel

Scorpios often get a bad rep for their intensity, which may not sit well with a lot of the other signs. Screw the haters though, and drink to something taboo but completely your own in the New York Sour cocktail.



What To Order: Champagne

Where: Revel

As a fire sign, you’ve surprisingly got things under control during most crazy situations. Celebrate your achievements with a glass of Moet and plan your next impulsive vacay to reward yourself when you’re at it.



What To Order: Pulp Fiction

Where: Yes Please

The hardest workers in the zodiac are also the ones who are most familiar with navigating through organized chaos. Weekdays are your bitch, but sometimes even the most accomplished among you need to unwind. 


Enjoy a glass of Pulp Fiction at Yes Please after a day of conquering the world. You deserve it after all! 


*All these bars are located at 11th Avenue, The Palace Complex, Uptown BGC, Taguig City. 

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