Drinks for Every Relationship Status

Drinks for Every Relationship Status

Everyone around you is either taken or getting to know people. And here you are thinking you might never find a guy or girl that will fit your personality and you’re probably right. But hey, at least we can tell you which drink will. Admit it, that’s like the next best thing.

Find out which drink is perfect for your current relationship status!

Pink Wine: For All Ya Single Ladies

When is not having a bae ever a problem when you have your girls? Indulge in some pink wine and party like you’re in an Ariana Grande music video. Why pink wine? Well, you wouldn’t want to go hard and end the night crying and ranting about your ex, do you?

Whisky: For the Bachelor

As for you guys, go hard. They say that men who drink whisky are the best lovers. Well we don’t know about that, but what we do know is that you’re gonna have a blast and you can just confirm the theory after.

Wine: For the Exclusively Dating

Of course, date night means wine night. Keep it classy with the bae and enjoy your night, lovers!

Tequila: For the Brokenhearted

If you’re still sawi this V day and you want to vent out, tequila is the way. You’ll for sure be wreckedt but at least, it’s for all the right reasons, amiright?

Beer: For the Single and Ready to Mingle

Expect that a lot of single peeps are coming out this V day weekend and most of them are, well, ready to mingle. Beer is for the adventurous, but lowkey keep an eye out for them!

Which drink are you, then? Comment down below!

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