Drinking Practices Around the World

Drinking Practices Around the World

The world is a crazy place. Wars, hate, misogynists, and bigots exist and it’s 2019, you’d think the world would have learned by now. Despite it all, we all can agree on one thing: Alcohol is sacred. All around the world, alcohol is celebrated. It brings us together and makes us happy, which is why there’s a right way to pay homage to it! Here’re drinking traditions from all around the globe!


Russia: Shtrafnaya

We all know how Filipino Time is real but sad. In Russia, if you’re late, there’s a punishment of one drink for the person who arrives late or last arrives.


Russia: No Empty bottles on the Table!

We all know that Chinese tradition says that your table always has to be full and abundant in order to attract and symbolize wealth. For the Russians, who value alcohol (especially vodka!) a lot, it’s the same! Empty bottles are as good as trash and will only bring bad luck on the table!


Egypt: Fancy some more?

Whether you’re a glass half-empty or half-full type of person, no glass should be empty! Everyone has the responsibility to fill someone else’s glass or cup. Filling your own cup is bad manners! This tradition also applies in Japan.


Korea: Pour by Age

Just like Egypt and Japan, you can’t pour your own drink. The person who pours the drink has to be the youngest one and seniors get first dibs then on to the younger ones.


Russia: Weakness not allowed

We know, you’ve seen Russia a gazillion times on this list. It’s because they truly love drinking! Remember those friends who keep on saying “Just one more drink!”? While you have the option to turn it down, it’s totally bad luck and bad manners to do so! EEP!


Hungary: Beer Toast Ban

Created for historical reasons, you can’t toast with beer in Hungary. The Hungarian revolution was defeated by the Austrians, who toasted their win with beer!


Greece: Koupa!

We all love emptying a glass, who doesn’t?! In Greece, if you’re playing Koupa, someone assigns a drink to you and you have to down the glass and kiss the bottom for good luck!


Netherlands: Kopstooje

Pronounced as Koop-stooge, this literally means “ little headbutt”. No, you do not smash your head against a glass, that’s just plain dumb. You fill your glass to the brim and sip it all up without using your hands. Thus, you must “head butt” the drink.


Russia: One last!

We know, Russia, again?! Well, we all know they’re strong drinkers so they obvs have the most traditions on this list. Once a bottle is open, you cannot, we repeat: CANNOT LEAVE THE TABLE until it’s empty! No French exits allowed!


What drinking traditions do you know of? Let us know in the comments!

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