Drinking on a Diet

Drinking on a Diet

Who says you can’t drink while you’re on a diet?!

We all know that it’s almost summer and we are all out here trying to work on that summer body! But of course, summer means more partying! Don’t worry about your diet because you can still show up and get properly smashed without compromising your journey to a hot summer bod. You just have to be smart about your alcohol choices!

Tequila Shots

Did you know that a shot of tequila only consists of 64 calories?! YAS KWEEN! We’re sure 3 to 4 shots will still be well in that calorie count – so bring it on!

Ditch the Tonic Water

We all love our G&Ts! But tonic water has 83 calories in it and we don’t want to just keep on adding to our calorie count right? So if you need a mixer, ask for some soda water – it has ZERO calories! Well we want more of that!


We know it’s an acquired taste but it’s also low in calories. So if you see a good whiskey selection, why not right? A glass or two won’t hurt and you still get to go party!

Add some dancing to your low calorie drink and party guilt-free! What’s your low calorie drink of choice? Share it below!

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