How To Get That Good and Deep Sleep We All Dream About Even After a Night Out

How To Get That Good and Deep Sleep We All Dream About Even After a Night Out

We all know how it feels. Nights when you feel like you’re sleeping, but also feel like you’re just half awake most of the time. Nights when it’s all tossing and turning, trying to find the right place and position for hours on your bed that will finally let you doze off. These nights make us feeling groggy and restless in the morning, and no one wants that. 

Sleep is one of the most substantial things our body needs. It is how the mind rests, how the body repairs itself, and how you replenish your energy. 

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No one wants to feel tired instead of feeling re-energized every morning so it’s important to achieve the deep sleep we have all been dying to have. While there are certain nights that we get to experience a sound and heavenly sleep, there are a few ways to make it more consistent.

Train your mind and body

Having a consistent sleep schedule is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Strictly implement a bedtime and wake up time and follow it. Well, of course, let’s not kid ourselves. There will be a couple of nights where you have to stay late to finish work or grab drinks with friends. Fret not because as long as you get to follow your sleep schedule majority of the time, you’re good. 

Stay away from screens

We all do this. We drift off to sleep while endlessly scrolling through our Twitter timelines or while binging on Netflix episodes. Going to sleep this way actually makes it hard for you to sleep soundly because of the blue and green light your screens emit. So if you really want that good night sleep, put away the screens at least one hour before you plan on dozing off.

Get some sunlight


What you during the waking hours of the day also affect your night time. Stepping outdoors and basking under the sun have significant benefits on the quality of your sleep. Exposure to sunlight can help your circadian rhythm and properly set your body clock. 

Balance your alcohol with dancing and water on your nights out

Going to bed drunk almost never results to a good morning- usually it comes with a hangover and that feeling that you didn’t get the full sleep that you need. Partying responsibly by making sure that you’re hydrated in between those shots and that it gets through your digestive system faster by moving on the dance floor ensures you a good night out and a hangover-free morning after!

Can you remember your best sleep ever? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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