The EDM community collectively cringed Monday after superstar djs Diplo and Zedd exchanged heated words on Twitter. The beef started after Diplo tweeted a link of Zedd and Aloe Blacc’s cover of the Sammy Davis Jr. classic “The Candyman”, accusing Zedd of ripping off Flume’s signature synth drops.

Here’s what Diplo had to say:

While the track wasn’t that great, it didn’t take long before Zedd fired back with an equally scathing remark:

The feud further escalated after Diplo brought up Zedd’s ex, to which he responded with an epic one-worder.

The tweets may have been deleted, but screen grabs are forever.

Fellow DJ and ultimate troll Deadmau5 also joined in on the fun, taking shots at Diplo:

After receiving hate tweets from Zedd’s fans (I’m sure Diplo saw it coming), he decided it was best to settle it with a casual, indirect apology:

At the end of the day, I think we all know who won here:

So which team are you? #TeamZedd or #TeamDiplo?