Did Kendall Jenner Really Break The Girl Code And Kiss Gigi’s Brother?

Did Kendall Jenner Really Break The Girl Code And Kiss Gigi’s Brother?

While all of us were busy analyzing Gigi Hadid’s Instagram story after the CFDA Fashion Awards wherein she was cuddling with a blonde guy (read: Zayn Malik), someone else was having a ~fun~ after party with another blondie.

Yes, as you’ve already read in the headline, we’re talking about Kendall Jenner. Although the young model and reality star is currently dating NBA player Ben Simmons (or at least, that’s the case last time we checked), she was seen getting cozy and making out with none other than Gigi’s 18-year old brother, Anwar Hadid.

The two were seen at Socialista New York after the fashion event and Kendall even posted Anwar’s tattooed hands on her IG stories which somehow confirms this pap photo.

We only see two possible endings to this story: 1) Gigi will call out Kenny because she broke the girl code (you can never date your BFF’s brother), but Anwar will defend her and it will result to a controversial fam war 2) Gigi will approve, but by the time she does, Kenny’s over it and onto someone else already.

Ohhhh the things that happen at after parties. What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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