Dear Santa, I Know You Get Why I Went Home at 7am

Dear Santa, I Know You Get Why I Went Home at 7am

Dear Santa, I Know You Get Why I Went Home at 7 am

Keeping my cool and having that chill mood is just how I am although we all know that being excessive isn’t always bad. No party is over ’til we say it is. See how we enjoyed a night with glasses clinking and bodies grinding!

I feel like I belong here, everyone knows I always party with my birthday suit on!

So cool how there is always ample parking space for my sweet ride.

I’m just here to explore the many possibilities for the night! Me and my guys only have one goal tonight and that is to get lit!

Tonight, we let loose and have the time of our lives. You only live once right?

Aside from reconnecting with my bros, we also met amazing ladies that knew exactly how to party!

We shared stories over flutes of champagne..

some funny jokes…

And bottles of Moet. We found our favourite champagne in Revel! We rocked with our favourite funky tunes and their smooth DJs made surek we didn’t regret going home at sun up.

Yes, I said sun up! I always have a great time here.

I’m sure I’ll be back to party all night at Revel!

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Photography by: Mike Gella

Produced by: Vani Altomonte

Art Direction by: Nigel Garcia

Production Coordination by: Stevie Eigenmann

Models: Gerry, Niel, Min Soo, Catherine, Joanna, Luisa, Kathlyn, Queenie, and Fran of the Professional Models Association of The Philippines (PMAP)

Hair and make up by: Ravi Dino, Wilma Van Heukelum, Rowena Datoon of MP School of Makeup Artistry [ Maquillage Professionnel ] 

Styling by: Patrick Pleno and Carvey Samonte 

On Gerry, Niel, and Min Soo: Paulo Lazaro Studio

On Catherine: H&M dress

On Luisa: Stylist’s own

On Joanna – Plains & Prints jumpsuit

On Kathlyn – Lulu Minx dress

Words by: Alecs Ronquillo

Shot on location at Xylo at The Palace Manila 

Special Thanks to Ana Sideco of PMAP and MP School of Makeup Artistry [ Maquillage Professionnel ] 

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