Dear Santa, I thought it was going to be a chill night.

Dear Santa, I thought it was going to be a chill night.

Dear Santa, I thought it was going to be a chill night.

Being in charge of the high school reunion is not an easy task but I found the perfect place at the Island at the Palace. These kinds if events are perfect during the holiday season. I’m so excited to see my old friends, talk about our experiences, and share laughter over a couple of drinks, some good companion, and amazing food.

Even the titas love reunions!

Parties are cutest when you have a theme and can decorate the place! We made sure that we prepared for this night and did all our shopping already!

Seeing the bestest of them all brought good holiday cheer and a warm heart! I missed them so much!

Of course I wont forget the class titles! Everyone deserves a sash. V!

We super enjoyed an array of Tequilas from the Hola Chica tequileria! So many kinds for each preference.

No party is complete without shots.

We had the best conversations and was able to reconnect with our favourite people.

And then more shots..

We partied hard and enjoyed the tropical vibe all night long!

No matter where we go or how long our last get together was, nothing has changed!

We still knew how to boogie non-stop and never feel guilty for it!

We ordered great food and enjoyed every bite. The Island spirit is never complete without some fresh poke bowls and great skewered appetizers! We tries those out and fell in love.

Everything is right there at The Island at The Palace! They even had two pools! Sounds amazing right? Enjoy the best time of your life seeing friends you missed throughout the year just like us!

Photo ops never looked this good! All we did was come to the Island at The Palace Manila and we definitely felt the “no pressure” everyone belongs vibe!

Call The Island now to make your reservations at 0917 689 8888!



Photography by: Mike Gella

Produced by: Vani Altomonte

Art Direction by: Nigel Garcia

Production Coordination by: Stevie Eigenmann

Models: Queenie, Reese, Aaliyah, Fran, and Kim Min Soo of Professional Models Association of The Philippines (PMAP), Luca Giardini, Zo Torres, and Cy Roxas

Hair and make up by: Edgar Soliman and Shirley Shahi Takuri of MP School of Makeup Artistry [ Maquillage Professionnel ] 

Styling by: Patrick Pleno and Carvey Samonte 

On male models: H&M Man

On female models: stylist’s own 

Words by: Alecs Ronquillo

Shot on location at Xylo at The Palace Manila 

Special Thanks to Ana Sideco of PMAP and MP School of Makeup Artistry [ Maquillage Professionnel ] 

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