Dear Santa, I promise to only have 1 drink(s).

Dear Santa, I promise to only have 1 drink(s).

Dear Santa, I promise to only have 1 drink(s).

It was such a nerve wracking night for me and my fiance but we knew the right place for this was at Yes, Please! With their best gourmet menus and and an extensive cocktail list we’ll surely go through the experience like a breeze.

This bar is so nice we can all choose which one we want!

We chose a perfect table where we can have an intimate conversation with our bestest friends.

Having laughs and reminiscing with each other is one of the greatest things we can share with out friends.

It was not easy for us to keep it for the duration of the night but secret is finally out. Our conversations here lasted longer and these memories will become etched in my heart forever.

It’s never too late nor to early to share milestones in life. They finally know we are engaged!

Talking about this with my girl makes me so excited for the big day!

And I am sure his best friend needed some advice too!

We know that our friends share the happiness and will be there to support us all the way!

And did we mention that aside from the great experience we had, we could not get over the cocktails!

It gave us a burning sensation that can make you want more..

And more..

And more. They are actually named after great movies!

We didn’t even notice how time has passed because of all the laughter and fun.

It’s amazing how we are able to share great news and awesome experiences with our friends!

Any dinner plan is a huge success at Yes, Please!We capped the night off with our favourite drinks, a great playlist from their amazing DJs, and these memories will last us a lifetime.

Got the ring on it at Yes Please!

Book a table now! Call 0917 140 7777 for reservations. 



Photography by: Mike Gella

Produced by: Vani Altomonte

Art Direction by: Nigel Garcia

Production Coordination by: Stevie Eigenmann

Models: Gabbie, Patrick, Pauline, and Kenn of the Professional Models Association of The Philippines (PMAP)

Hair and make up by: Thini Mohan and Stephanie Ho of MP School of Makeup Artistry [ Maquillage Professionnel ] 

Styling by: Patrick Pleno and Carvey Samonte 

On Patrick and Kenn: Paulo Lazaro Studio

On Gabbie: Plains & Prints skirt and stylist’s top

On Pauline: stylist’s own

Words by: Alecs Ronquillo

Shot on location at Xylo at The Palace Manila 

Special Thanks to Ana Sideco of PMAP and MP School of Makeup Artistry [ Maquillage Professionnel ] 

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