Dear Boomers, Mental Health is Real and We Want You To Hear Us Out On This

Mental health

Dear Boomers, Mental Health is Real and We Want You To Hear Us Out On This

If you haven’t followed the recent with Nadine Lustre calling out Jobert Sucaldito for his wayyyy rude joke about sucicide, you suck eggs. Sucaldito reportedly commented something a long the lines of “she should have just jumped” on a photo of Nadine by a balcony. While the gossip reporter apologized for the joke, we think that it’s a wakeup call for all boomers to acknowledge the realness of mental health. Otherwise, you are all as good as flateathers. 

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I can't be who you want.

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It’s not just Nadine who has been treated this way, we’re sure that a lot of other people struggling with mental health have been criticized or joked on one way or another. Based on my experience, these boomers are simply uneducated on the realness of mental health issues. As a person struggling with three cluster B personality disorders, I’ve been through the same thing. When I came out on my Facebook about my disorders, someone told me, in front of my face, “Oh, that’s why you have tantrums.” Another said “Those aren’t real, just don’t think about it too much and it will go away.” If only I thought of that! To be clear: We are not throwing tantrums (this is how our brain is hardwired), we are not going to forget we’re broken (you can’t forget things like these), and these illnesses don’t just go away overnight (literally, no one has been cured overnight). 

Here’s the dish about mental health and illnesses: they are not excuses but they are explanations on why a person is. Depending on the disorder, it can be a chemical imbalance in the brain, a misformation of the amygdala, severe childhood trauma, and so much more. This makes each illness look different, each trigger different, each coping mechanism different. They all have one thing in common, though: they are all shit to go through. So, you’re lucky if you don’t have any of these mental illnesses. 

If you think about it, mental illnesses are proof that despite the trauma and the unusual make-up of the brain, theses didn’t give up. It’s a very fucked up way of the brain to cope with trauma or a brain that keeps on going despite the trauma. So people with mental health issues are warriors, not a punchline to a cheap joke. Mental illnesses are battle scars. Proof that you’ve been hurt in your life and your brain fought so fucking hard that it messed itself up to survive. 

Mental problems also impose huge health risks. It’s never just “all in our heads.” That’s why there’s a long list of prescriptions you can take for your illnesses, a huge network of psychiatrists and psychologists to go to, and a ton of research and books to help one deal with whatever illness they have. Money, time, and research gathered by people who have dedicated their lives to make struggling lives better. Boomers, there are millions of studies about this topic around the world. Please be informed accordingly. This is not some capitalist bullshit made up to make money out of people struggling. 

So, no, this is not a joke, this is REAL. It’s as real as cancer, it’s as real as bullying, it’s as real as things can get. 

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Let’s Shatter the Taboo

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Boomers, we’re also tired of hearing “Oh, you don’t look depressed.” LIKE WHAT IS A DEPRESSED PERSON SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE?! Like what. A ton of people who appeared happy have succumbed to depression (Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade)  and so much more are dealing with it in private because of your judgy mofo eyes. People should be able to deal with their illness based on what they’re comfortable with and who they’re comfortable to talk to about it.

You wouldn’t laugh at someone with cancer so why would you joke about someone with depression or other mental disorders? There’s never a punchline at the end of a sucidide joke or a joke about mental health, there is, however, an imaginary punch to your crotch from millions of people struggling to deal with these issues. 

However, this is not the end for you if you’re uneducated/ a dick about mental illnesses. There are a lot of Facebook support groups, Youtube videos, and actual people you can talk to know more about it And we respect and love you move if you educate yourselves about it, instead of being arrogant and ignorant! 


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