Dating App Etiquette 101

Dating App Etiquette 101

Dating etiquette has been around since time immemorial, and it seems like you can find an answer for every other dating blunder in the words of your wiser, more malandi friends. 


Online dating is a newer phenomenon, and just because getting a date can sometimes take just one easy swipe, this doesn’t mean that you can be completely clueless as you go along. Here’s a quick guide to avoid embarrassment on the interwebs and finally snatch the hottie you’ve been waiting for:


DO make the first move if you feel like it.

What have you got to lose? You already swiped right! Sometimes just a simple “Hi, how was your day?” can lead up to a quick date with someone attractive. 


DO post your best, but most recent photos.

You don’t want someone to accuse you of catfishing after all. Ditch that five-year-old dating app pic and choose more casual, recent photos. The ones taken by friends are usually the best.


DO ask your matches what they’re there for.

Are they looking for hook-ups? Already taken, but looking for a third? Interested in exploring their sexuality? The possibilities can seem daunting and endless. Always ask first to manage expectations. 


DO open with a compliment. 

Compliments sound more genuine and less been-there-done-that than pick-up lines. Besides, who doesn’t want to be told that their skin looks amazing in that new beach photo?


DO ask them out to dinner and drinks on the first date. 

Take them somewhere chill, with good music played at a reasonable volume. You don’t want to shout over their date just to ask what breed their dog is. Order cocktails at a place like Yes Please and put your best foot forward.


DON’T ghost if you’ve matched for a week or more. 

Do your match a favor and don’t unexpectedly drop out of their radar after days of constant communication. You can argue that you truly don’t owe them much since you aren’t “technically dating,” but have some common courtesy. A sweet, but simple goodbye is always better than none. 


DON’T insult their dating profile.

Are you trying to get unmatched? No, just no.


DON’T ask if they’d like to hook up right away.

Unless you’re on Grindr, this is a great way to scare off potential matches. Don’t be that guy (or gal), and wait ‘til you’ve talked for a while to pop the hook-up question. 


DON’T keep swiping right randomly until you get a match.

Trust us–you’re gonna be spending more time unmatching than talking to matches you already like. It’s tedious, but do swipe right only on someone who attracts you. 


DON’T go on dating apps if you’re only looking for friends. 

This goes without saying, but it must be emphasized. Reconnect with old pals on Facebook, but you don’t want to look for friends on an app meant to save people from a lonely Valentine’s Day. 


As RuPaul likes to say, “Good luck, and don’t fuck it up.”

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