Coping Up With Your Partner’s Traditionally Filipino Parents

Coping Up With Your Partner’s Traditionally Filipino Parents

You’ve found the love of your life and you know you’re both meant to be. No matter how much you try to understand things and be patient, some things are just still not allowed. Always felt like you’re walking on thin ice whenever you’re with your partner’s parents? We get it. Honestly, even if we want to avoid it sometimes, you know you gotta be present in order for them to like you for their child. We gathered some moments you can probably relate and how you can cope with it! Hopefully, it makes your visits less painful. 


Mano or Beso?  

These days, doing the mano is getting really old. Instead, we opt to beso. Guess what, not all households are living in the modern times. Doing the Mano is still highly and widely accepted over the beso. Especially if your partner’s parents are over 60s. 

Dress To Impress?

For some parents, dressing up to impress will not necessarily add extra points. It’s part of the first impression maybe, but what will still matter is manners. When you’re meeting traditionally Filipino parents for the first time, wear something that you would wear at work or simply like something that you’d wear to mass. Not too loud, simple and respectable. 

Words Words Words

Try not to spill out curse words or any slang word that will obviously won’t allow them to understand you properly. Using po and opo will always be highly recommended. Yes, we know it’s basic but, it’s always worth the reminder. Eating at their house? Offer food, even if you know they will decline. 

Sleepovers and Night Outs

Yes, this will be a bummer for the meantime. Gain their trust, avoid making your partner sneak out. Their generation is not used to these things, in fact this can be overwhelming for them. You need to wait at least a year or two. 

The saying “Patience is a virtue” has never been so real until you come across traditionally Filipino parents but, if you think your partner is really the one for you then you gotta wait it out and try to understand everything. The best way to handle it, at least for starters is to literally keep calm and be at their service. Although keep in mind that you should know the limits to giving your everything. Not all but some can be abusive, so keep your chin up and focus on why you’re there in the first place. In the end, you will earn their trust. Don’t rush things and take it slowly but surely.

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