COMPILATION: The Best Moments from the 92nd Academy Awards!

COMPILATION: The Best Moments from the 92nd Academy Awards!

The most awaited event in the movie industry happened today – and that’s the 92nd Academy Awards, of course! From directors, actors to the production and costume designers are all at the edge of their seats hoping to win that most coveted Oscars. And of course, the fashionistas in all of us are waiting for those beautiful red carpet outfits. But more than that, the whole celebration is awaited by the viewers. There are a lot of memorable moments in this year’s awards, and we listed the ones we liked the most.

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Parasite wins 4 awards including Best Picture and Best Foreign Film!

This highly acclaimed movie is really worth all this hype and we are all happy that it got its much needed recognition by the Academy and all the other award shows. It makes history just by being nominated, but it also won 4 awards! I repeat, FOUR, awards! One of them is the coveted Best Picture – it is the first foreign film that was nominated and won the award. If you haven’t watched it yet, please find a way to do so. It’s amazing!

Brad Pitt’s First Oscar

This veteran actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar 3 times, finally gets it right this time. He won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He was very emotional about winning, so cute! Congrats Brad!

Natalie Portman’s Dior Cape

What is better than making a MAJOR fashion statement? Nothing! And Natalie Portman made sure she arrives at the Oscars making one! As a full piece outfit, it is GORGEOUS and fits her well! But if you look close enough, there are embroidered names of FEMALE directors who didn’t get a nomination. They deserve awards too! Hopefully as the Oscars get more inclusive, women get included too. 

Bong Joon-ho’s Acceptance Speech

The Parasite director always makes a fun statement in every speech he gives. For his acceptance speech for Best Original Screenplay he shared some of the directors that inspired him to be one. He also said that he will be drinking until next morning! LOL, well deserved. 

Elton John’s Performance of (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again

Photo from Billboard

Mr. Elton John performed his original song for the movie Rocketman, a movie about his life as a musician. After that, he won the Oscar for best Original song! Amazing!

Idina Menzel Performs With The International Voice Actresses of Elsa

Photo from PopSugar

Idina Menzel delivered a full on amazing performance of Into The Unknown from Frozen II together with several of the international actresses that voiced Elsa in their home countries. What a great ensemble of diverse women! Way to make a statement too! 

Joaquin Phoenix’s Acceptance Speech

Nothing we love more than a humble winner and Joaquin Phoenix is just that! He won Best Actor for his role in Joker and he used his time for an acceptance speech to say all the right things. About raising advocacies and caring for one another. How heartwarming. 

Eminem’s Surprise Performance

Lose Yourself won Best Original Song for the movie 8 mile, 8 years ago! But he only got to perform it today! Surprise for everyone, indeed. 

Taika Waititi wins Best Adapted Screenplay 

Photo from Deadline

Taika made history by winning Best Adapted Screenplay as the first indigenous man to win an Oscar. He is a Maoki, one of the indigenous tribes from New Zealand. He adapted Jojo Rabbit and made it into a really cute and heartwarming film. Much love!

What are your favorite Oscar moments? Share it below!

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