Celebrating Womanhood Like Sex And The City

Celebrating Womanhood Like Sex And The City

Celebrating Womanhood Like SATC

Being a woman is not an easy task. We have certain roles to fill and expectations to meet. Some set by society and some that we punish ourselves with. It takes guts for a lady to get out of her shell and find out what it is that is truly important to her, to stand up for what matters. Not everyone is the same though.  Below is a timeline of how a woman transitions from her formative years to achieve full womanhood in the kaleidoscope lens of our favourite hit series, Sex and The City.


The Charlotte York Phase – idealistic, thinks of life as a storybook, dreams for the right person to get married to, tries to fill in the picture that society has set for her.

Once upon a time, we were young girls who had always pictured having a family, or raising children as the perfect scenario. It was something we aspired to be. Our mothers will always share stories on how she had waited for the right one to swoop her off of her feet. These were the days we were so carefree and thought that everything was simply rainbows and butterflies. It was a time of constant fun and dreaming. The only pain we had to experience was when our parents said no to sleepovers


The Carrie Bradshaw Phase –  savage, young, free, exploratory, adventurous, not afraid to make mistakes

Here goes those moments where you feel reckless and rebellious. These were the days where your favourite piece of accessory were chokers. You were fearless. Ready to face the world headstrong and have no care about what anyone says. You got hurt but you were ready to dive back in and try again. Adventure is your middle name and you were unafraid of anything that could possibly stop you.


Miranda Hobbes – very logical, thinking before feelings, practical, idealistic, hard-headed, stubborn

This is the time that you start being practical. You think outside of the box on ways to improve your life and lifestyle. You are now more independent, able to live outside the comforts of your parents’ home. As some would say, you have peaked but this is something that you are still assessing. Just as you are thriving in your career and family life, you are now being more efficient in choosing a partner in life. You would rather not invest your time and your feelings on people whom you think would not be staying for good. You have a handful of friends that you constantly pour your feelings to. You might feel stuck where you are but somehow even without the spicy drama of a love life, the stresses of a full time career, the additional baggage of living alone, you are feeling content and satisfied.


Samantha Jones – matured, knows what she wants, feels like she doesn’t need a man to complete her, able to stand periods of time alone, lives to please herself and only herself.

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Finally. The time has come. You have identified what it is you really want and what is worth your time. Being alone isn’t actually a bad thing. Being a woman is more a benefit than a burden that you have to carry. You live to please yourself and only yourself and this is not a bad thing anymore. You have matured and carried your past strongly on your back with a smile on your face. Your hurts and pains have now taught you to be fond of adversity as it brings learning with it. You can say that you have come full circle and just like the girl you were, now you know and believe that yes, you are a woman and that is something that should be celebrated.


No matter what type of woman you choose to be, or which SATC lady phase you are in, it’s always a great time to reconnect with your amigas and share your stories over wine.

How do you celebrate yourself ladies? Share with us in the comments the moments where you felt “Yes, thank goodness I am a girl/woman/lady!”



Featured images grabbed from a SATC Fan Page Instagram (@carrie_bradshaw_fan)

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