Celebrate World Gin Day With The BaR

Celebrate World Gin Day With The BaR

It’s the second Saturday of June and you know what that means! It’s World Gin Day! Which means it’s going to be one hell of a crazy weekend for everyone.

But before we all get wasted, what is World Gin Day actually about?

Simple answer to this seemingly complicated question: World Gin Day was started by a group of friends who just wanted to hangout and drink gin. Yep, that simple. And now this is being celebrated by millions of people around the world, all for the love of gin!

And what makes this day extra special here in our country is the fact that we have The BaR Premium Gin!

With three distinct variants available, you’d surely find one that fits your taste buds; there’s The BaR Premium Dry Gin for those looking for a clean and refined taste, The BaR Lime Gin for the ones who enjoy a zesty, citrus flavor, and The BaR Pink Gin for the cool and spunky millennials eager for a tasteful berry flavor.

So, this World Gin Day, party the night away at any of the The Palace outlets where you can get these flavors of The BaR Premium Gin: the gin of the new generation.


Cover photo from @chinchinobcena

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