Careless Music Manila /Escapes to Yes Please!

Careless Music Manila /Escapes to Yes Please!

Careless Music Manila /Escapes to Yes Please!

Just like the 1 million views that Fiend got after it’s release, we can never get enough of Careless Music Manila. Fiend is another successful CMM single sang by James Reid featuring Just Hush. The music video was all sorts of sexy, steaming, and dangerous and watching it once was not enough. We figured that is exactly how everyone felt. 

After all this craze, on, September 12, 2019, we spent an out of this world celebratory dinner with them in one of our favourite boozy dinner place, Yes, Please! Everyone was excited to try out the new food and drinks menu. And as we say yes please to another hit song, Careless Music Manila just released their new entertainment platform, Island City.

 Just as the fun began, Careless is changing the game and ups the ante by bringing the spotlight to artists that deserve them. They define Island City as a playlist of songs created by CMM and other artists, and handpicked by the platform. Their goal is to share the stories of the talents that makes the industry better than it already is. It is a place where all these ideas converge and it is solely created “By Artists, For Artists”. We all know how their first mixtape went and now we are gushing for more. With this new space, everyone knows that another sick album is going to top the charts. What an amazing way to support local and dive into the scene. 

The crew tried out the new Yes, Please menu and the crowd favourites were the Steak and Eggs, Pan Seared Tuna, their very own Yes, Please Hummus, Menchi Katsu Curry, and the irresistible Ginger Garlic Squid.  To keep the night on fire, the takeover bartender Davide Boncimino enjoyed serving the new YP cocktails and his spiced up versions to these cool kids. 


Want to know more? Check out the Fiend Music video below, see more photos from the dinner and follow us at @escapetothepalace!


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