What’s A Capsule Wardrobe and Why You Should Build One

What’s A Capsule Wardrobe and Why You Should Build One

If you’re one of the people who spend so much time in the morning deciding what to wear, the problem is probably not having enough clothes. The problem is having too much. 

If you often find yourself constantly wearing the same items of clothing despite having many options, it is time to declutter and maybe commit to having a smaller but more usable wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is the concept of having few items of clothing that you can constantly mix and match. Most of the time, these items are classics, plain, and basic ones that are easy to pair with anything.

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If you want to start clean for this new year, it’s not too late yet! Here are three reasons why you should consider building a capsule wardrobe.

Revamp your style

Building a new capsule wardrobe means that you can give your fashion a fresh start. If you are tired of your current looks, the new year is a great time to find a new style that you love and will really stick to. However, make sure that you don’t fall on your old ways! In building a capsule wardrobe, purchase only few items that you really need. Trivia: some minimalists even live with just a 12 piece capsule wardrobe!

Save time and money

If you’re an impulsive shopper, a capsule wardrobe might be the cure to your constant shopping sprees. The key is to find really good and high quality pieces you love and be satisfied with it. A small wardrobe will also cut your preparing time every morning.

You will save the environment in your own way

The fashion and clothing industry has a huge part in destroying our environment. The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. And as we buy more fast fashion clothes, we also partake in its drastic effects in the environment.

Will you be rebuilding your wardrobe this year?

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