Can We Talk About How ‘Thank U, Next’ Left All Of Us Exposed?

Can We Talk About How ‘Thank U, Next’ Left All Of Us Exposed?

Break ups are the absolute worst. And so is dealing with the heartbreak that comes from every failed relationship. Let’s face it : Pain doesn’t discriminate and the truth is that – regardless if it was official or not, having to come to terms with the fact that it isn’t meant to be WILL ALWAYS SUCK.

Having to bottle up all your feelings, trying to stay within the spheres of the denial phase or resulting to reverse bittering – we’ve all done it. We all had that one guy / girl (or two, or three) who taught us about love, patience and pain. And more than we care to admit : some of us are only halfway through completely moving on.

It’s been about three days since Ariana Grande unexpectedly released ‘Thank U, Next’. As if moving on from a brutal attack in all forms, an ex’s demise, being blamed for that ex’s loss and a failed engagement all in the span of 18 months with so much grace wasn’t impressive enough, she releases another banger.

And as the universe would have it, the internet was SHOOKT and ‘Thank u, Next’ has opened a pandora’s box of feelings that probably would’ve never been discussed (OR TWEETED) otherwise.

Quite frankly, we think it’s the post-heartbreak anthem we all deserve. A fresh perspective on heartbreak. One that reminds us that it’s unnecessary to antagonize the people we used to love just because it didn’t work out. More importantly, a wake up call to keep in mind that we gotta love ourselves first — and always.

Take it from Kween Ariana herself, because really, how many of us can honestly say : I’m so f-ing grateful for my ex?

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