Walwal is all fun and drinks “Ëœtil you retrace your trail of regrettable decisions while nursing a bitching hangover the morning after. With Hallo-walwal-ween fresh in our heads and the walwal-idays coming up, we all have to be constantly reminded to think: hinay-hinay lang, fam. You want to have a great time (which you can remember later on) without the messy evidence and embarrassing snaps.

Here are a few hacks to stay in that sweet spot between slightly tipsy and #dedz drunk:

1. Chow before you chug.

Drinking on an empty stomach will get you on the expressway to wasted real quick. Eat a good meal 2-3 hours before going crazy on the tequila: not too heavy or too light, but enough to “cushion” your alcohol intake later.

2. Pick your pulutan.

What you snack on while drinking actually affects how your body processes alcohol. Stay away from sugar. (Ever wonder why cocktails are so potent?) Potatoes and starchy foods (French fries, bes!) are great for absorbing alcohol.

3. Avoid mixing different kinds of booze.

Looking at you again, cocktails. Different kinds of alcohol affect us differently and mixing them all together in large amounts is pretty lethal (and will result in the worst hangovers). But that doesn’t mean you should stick to beer the whole night and say goodbye to your piña coladas. Just take it nice and slow and check yourself.

4. Stay hydrated!

The booze-chugging and booty-grinding are sure to get your drunk ass dehydrated. Stay active (and lucid) by taking a shot of H2O once in a while. Regular bathroom trips to flush the booze out and to freshen up would be good too.

Walwal responsibly, boys and girls! Have any more drinking hacks to share? Shoot us up in the comments!

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