How Bullet Journaling Can Help You Organize Your Life This New Year

How Bullet Journaling Can Help You Organize Your Life This New Year

It’s the new year and most of us are determined to change and be better. Goals have been set and resolutions have been listed down, and all we need now is enough motivation to actually do everything we planned for ourselves. 

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If being more organized and productive are two of your goals this year, a bullet journal can be a big help.

What is a bullet journal?

Simply put, a bullet journal (fondly called “BuJo”) is a note taking system. We often see journaling as recording and narrating events of your daily life. But bullet journaling is an entirely different system. It’s equal parts planner, diary, and tracker. It helps you keep your life in order and helps you maximize your 24 hours.


How keeping a bullet journal can change your life

You can keep track of your habits

Now that it’s the new year, we have a lot of habits that we want to start or stop doing. However, we all know that it’s easier said than done. With a bullet journal, you can track your habits every day and get an overview of how you are doing.

You can reach 100% productivity

By keeping a daily log of your tasks, you can maximize the hours of your day and avoid forgetting to do something. It helps you get organized and not miss even the most mundane tasks.

You can reassess your life and how you spend your time

Maintaining a bullet journal can help you keep track of what you spend most of your time on. Do you mindlessly spend hours on Netflix? Are you spending too much time on parties? Keeping track of your daily activities will give you an overview of your life and what you should change and improve.

It’s not too late to start. Get a cute notebook and start bujo-ing away!

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