Breaking Up to Making Up: Here Are 5 Juicy Gossips You Might’ve Missed This Week

Breaking Up to Making Up: Here Are 5 Juicy Gossips You Might’ve Missed This Week

This August, we see first hand how rumors can get big and that some issues just refuse to die down. From Lili and Cole proving their still together to Julia’s statement on rumors she’s the reason for Bea and Gerald’s breakup, here are some of the juiciest gossips this week you might’ve missed.

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Ariana Grande Spends Time With Rumored Bae Mikey Foster

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Seems like Ari has a new boyfriend! Sources say Ariana has been spending time with rumored new beau Mikey Foster after performing at Lollapalooza. Apparently, Ari even threw a surprise birthday dinner for one of Mikey’s bodyguards as her mom also joins the party! Rumors of their relationship started after collaborating for Ari’s new song ‘Boyfriend’. I mean, if that isn’t clue enough then I don’t know what is!

Travis Scott Surprises Kylie Jenner for Her 22nd Birthday

Five days before her birthday, Travis surprised Kylie by filling her home with thousands of rose petals. He even left a note saying ‘we’re just getting started’. Kylie posted this extravagant gift on IG with Stormi seen mesmerized in the background! The pair is set to fly to Italy this weekend to celebrate the occasion. However, both crushed speculations they’ll be married during the trip. Well, shotgun wedding or not, we hope they have a great time together!

Julia Barretto Addresses Her Involvement on Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s Breakup

After weeks of speculation, Julia finally speaks out on the issue she’s the reason behind Bea and Gerald’s breakup. On her IG, Julia talks about all the bullying she’s suffered because of the drama. She also points out that she and Joshua broke up four months ago and that she’s not involved in Bea and Gerald’s breakup. Julia then addresses Bea, saying her liking malicious photos led people to “destroy me FOR YOU”. She then moves on to say that she won’t be a victim of Bea and that she will continue her career despite the hardships she had to go through. Now, everyone waits for what Bea has to say. ~ sips tea ~

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Still Together

Last month, rumors of Cole and Lili’s breakup circulated the interweb like wildfire. But this week, Lili ultimately squashed speculations when she shared a sappy poem for Cole on his 27th birthday. Cole also addressed the report saying that it’s just part of their industry. The couple previously posted on IG making fun of the ‘reliable sources’ that don’t know anything about their relationship. This ship continues to sail then!

Rihanna Reunites With Her Dad After Suing Him for Using Her Name

On Monday, Riri goes back to her hometown Barbados where she reunites with her father. This comes after Rihanna sues him and his business partner for using her name on business transactions she knew nothing about. Riri argues the pair tried to get millions from third parties in exchange for her performance. This week though, father and daughter were seen in high spirits during the annual Crop Over Festival, which Rihanna slayed with her fashion ensemble. Now that’s a good end to this news roundup, eh?

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