It’s only a week away from the much-awaited Paradise International Music Festival which headlines Kanye West (and his nemesis, Wiz Khalifa). But while everyone is excited to see them perform live for the first time, we can’t help but feel more excited that Kim K is going to be at the festival as well! Rumors had been circling around as soon as it was confirmed that Kanye is set to perform, but our sources have officially confirmed that she is, indeed, packing her bags and coming with Yeezy to the Philippines ““ and better yet, she might be bringing along her stylish babies with them!

Here she is at Glastonbury Festival in England. Try hard as you can to blend in Kim, you just can’t.

This was taken in Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. Ok fine, it’s like a few hours away from California and we’re sure she has an on-call jet to fly her there, but point is, she watched him perform!

Here is Mrs. West arriving at Brisbane airport. She went there to once again, watch her husband perform. Brisbane is around 7,000 miles away from California, roughly the same distance to Manila. If she can travel all the way there, she can travel all the way here. I mean, she would do anything for Kanye, right?

Sources say security has been beefed up and hotel rooms were increased from the initial request. We also heard a popular swanky restaurant in the city will be closed just for the power couple for one evening ““ the /ESCAPE team has yet to find out where they will be hanging out but you can definitely count on our stalking skills to be so on point as soon as they arrive!

Now we all just can’t wait to see and breath the same air as Kim K. See ya, girl!