Boost Productivity by Powerdressing Even in a Work-From-Home Setup

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Boost Productivity by Powerdressing Even in a Work-From-Home Setup

If you’re fortunate enough to be allowed to work from home or stay at home during these times, make the most out of the quarantine. Try your best to center your energy to accomplish things over stressing over the pandemic. If you’re having a hard time focusing on getting things done, the problem might be in the clothes you’re wearing. According to Fast Company, what you’re wearing doesn’t necessarily make you more productive BUT it does help in changing your mindset. Basically think of Cinderella getting dressed for the ball, you have to come DRESSED FOR SUCCESS. But how do we do that in a time when we’re all at home? As a veteran freelancer, I share with you tips and tricks (backed up with a bit of science!) to help you power dress at home!


One of the biggest mistakes for WFM virgins is working in your pajamas. This blurs the line for your brain between work and rest, this is the most important distinction if you’ll be working from home. Always switch from pajamas to your lounge clothes to “train” your brain of the line between work and rest. This is a little trick that does wonders. There really is a psychology behind what we wear, according to star psych and professor Karen Pine, Switch clothes at the start of the day and switch back to PJs at the end of the day. According to psychologists in an article from Forbes, “when we put on an item of clothing it is common for the wearer to adopt the characteristics associated with that garment.” So if you wear PJs that you associate with sleep, it’s not gonna bode well for you working on that annual report. 



Depending on your home’s ventilation, your clothes have to adjust. For those working without aircon, stick to clothes that can help your skin breathe and relax so your brain can focus on working instead of dealing with the uncomfortable. Obama was rumored to have the Oval office at such a hot temperature, his team swore they could grow orchids in there! But if you’re more like Mark Zuckerburg who plays it as cool as 15 degrees celsius in his office, layer up a bit to keep your body warm. But for the record, the best work temperature is somewhere between 21-23 degrees celsius!

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Speaking of layering, if you’re doing video calls, always have a blazer nearby to cover up yourself and look “corporate”. But we highly approve wearing silk pajamas since it’s all the rage on runways and celebs anyway! And yes, you can keep your bottoms as your home as you see in the memes. Just don’t pick up a video call with a face mask or a towel wrapped around your head, minus 500 corporate points to you if you do. 



According to the Huffington Post, wearing color can also help you in a humpday. Colors like bright sky blue, sunshine yellow, and refreshing green, can help protect us from negative energy. A.k.a. Energy that will stop you from being productive!

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Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that you can’t sleep in but you don’t wear outside anymore? It’s casual but it’s too casual to wear outside and too overdressed for bed? Those are the clothes you can wear while working at home. If not, why are they still in your closet?! Donate them away!



Wear a hero shirt, Superman, Batman, whoever your favorite hero is. Psychology experts (Karen Pine) make students wear a Superman shirt and discovered that wearing the shirt mildly made them more likeable and “superior” to other students. Associating memories with clothes are totally a thing based on the said study, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be your worn out Marvel shirt. Go and  wear something that has a lot of good memories attached to it, it will do you good. 

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You’ve seen how casual tech millionaires are with their shirts and denim jeans, wearing something that makes you comfortable goes a long way. However, don’t wear something TOO comfy that it makes you too relaxed to finish some tasks. 


Stay at home and let’s fight this pandemic together! 

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