Books To Bring For When You’re Bored In-Flight

Books To Bring For When You’re Bored In-Flight

Books To Bring For When You’re Bored In-Flight

Travelling is a staple during the summer season. Since flying out to different provinces & other countries have been made more accessible, it’s easy to get bored in the plane if you are not a sleepyhead. Some flights do not have a wifi feature and some apps are just too repetitive to get stuck with. Here’s a list of 8 books that you can read for your short flights, going to your destination & going back home.


2 Hours

The Last Song  – Nicholas Sparks

A book that talks about family and forgiveness, Ronnie, a rebellious New Yorker is going on a vacation to visit her dad. She starts out giving her old man a hard time because of the time and the distance that they have endured. Blaming her father for the break up of her family, Ronnie slowly brings her walls down and falls in love with a local guy who supports her when she goes through the process of opening herself again to her family.

3 Hours

Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho

Maria is a young Brazilian woman who gets her heart broken, at an early age. She pursues her dreams by moving to Switzerland but eventually leaves her job as she faces challenges in her workplace. Discovering the many exquisite things about her sexuality, Maria is thrown into a world that changes her life forever.

4 Hours

Wonder – RJ Palacio

A very curious boy, August Pullman warms the heart of many as he enters a mainstream elementary school. Born with a facial abnormality, he is going to face a lot of obstacles because of his appearance.


Looking For Alaska – John Green

Amazed by the clever & curious Alaska Young, our dear friend Pudge Halter embarks on a journey to find his “Great Perhaps”. He let his heart get stolen by her but wait until he finally discovers the realities behind Alaska’s personality.

5 Hours

Everyday – David Levithan

Imagine yourself changing names, changing bodies, changing lives day after day after day. That is the life that A was graced with. A is used to this fact but one day, they wake up and finally found someone they wish to be with. How could someone express their feelings when they know that it will be over when they sleep. Find out how the rules in A’s life changes after this.

Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

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QOTD: Do you have auto-buy authors? 📚 . . Besides the fact that I'm trying to not buy so many books right now, there's definitely a few authors I always try to pick up! One of them being #RainbowRowell 🌈 Even though I haven't read all her books yet (see: Carry On, oops 😅) they're usually fun to read and I always love the colour and covers 👍 . . #bookstagramchallenge: 📌 Throwbackthursday read – #bookishcanadiansapr19 📌 auto-buy authors – #bookqueensapr19 📌 I love bookstagram because: it always helps me find new, great books to read, I get to interact with the book community & who doesn't like to see pretty pictures of books? 😊 #allthebooksapril19

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2 ladies, Beth & Jennifer is aware that all company emails are being monitored yet it is still the best way for them to share company gossip amongst each other. Like the best of friends they are, they tell every juicy detail they can even when it is also related to their personal lives. Lincoln, a new guy, gets bored of his job reading emails and flagging dirty content. He finds the email exchange of the two ladies by chance and know he has to report them but he was compelled not to share because he was amused by their stories.

6 Hours

Something Borrowed – Emily Griffin

The perpetual good girl that is Rachel ends up getting drunk at the party prepared for her by her best friend, Darcy. In the morning, Rachel finds herself alongside Darcy’s fiancee. As her bestie’s wedding comes closer, Rachel spills the beans and finds out that before true happiness, there is a roller coaster ride of drama, laughter, and endings but hey, after every ending is a beginning!

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being – Milan Kundera

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🎯 Do you love author-signed copies of books? I think it's a very controversial question, especially when I add my unpopular opinion—I don't much care for it. I do brand the books with my name, though, as soon as I get them home 🙈 • Now the book here: The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I am finally somewhere in the middle of part two and let's hope I finish it before April ends instead of dragging it further. Pretty sure I'm the only person in the #kunderabookclub who is still reading it 😅 I do have to add though, it's unlike any book I've read till date. Of course, we'll know how I like it only when I read it further. • Hope you guys are having a nice step-Monday! • #bookcoverdesign #bookphotography #milankundera #philosophy #bookreviewer #currentlyreading #theunbearablelightnessofbeing #bookstagramindia #bookstagramit #amreading #aworldinpages #translatedbooks #culturetripbooks

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The book shares the story of a woman who is convinced that the womanizing ways of her husband is not the life she chooses to live but her love for him opposes these ideas. She meet a faithful lover that changes her views and her life too. Join Tereza as she unearths more to her life than her miseries.


Any go to books for short flights? Share them with us by commenting down below!


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