Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself. We are celebrating Buko Juice as ‘BJ’ for all its healthful, clean qualities. A whole lot has been said about the merits of this magic potion from the exotic tropics. You don’t need to be a science major to know coconut water contains natural forms of sugar, vitamins and minerals. That it’s rich in nutrients, boosts hydration, aids in digestion, and even counters the occasional party hangover.

Here’s a round-up of the top 5 coco coolers that taste so great with good, ol’ BJ.

Coco lychee

This cocktail screams summer! With a mix of vodka, triple sec, coco syrup and lychee juice, this sweetheart is light and refreshing. It’s pretty to the eyes, pleasing to the mouth. Skewer a plump, juicy lychee and nibble on it as you ask your bartender for a refill. Highly recommended for all the party girls.

Tropical coco

This drink possesses that island beach vibe. A liquid combo of rum, apricot brandy, coco syrup, orange juice and grenadine makes this a real summer stunner. It gets even more revitalizing with a splash of coconut juice. With its lovely orange and cherry garnish, this thirst quencher is ripe with the promise of an all-nighter.

Coco caipirinha

Exotic freshness packed in a highball. Cachaça, light rum, lime juice, sugar syrup mix and mingle for your coco caipirinha. This is light at first sip and grows on your palate with its minty after-taste. This is a summer drink like no other as it proudly displays it Brazilian origins. Mixing instructions include: shake hard, pour dirty. Make of that whatever you want.

Tiny cooler

Don’t let the name mislead you. That quip about great things coming from small packages couldn’t be any truer. This coco concoction has gin, pear syrup, lemon juice, and angostura bitters. The tangy taste blends so well with coconut juice. A gentleman’s drink “” suave and smooth.

Silky punch

The name itself is a striking oxymoron. Spiced rum, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar syrup come together for a cocktail congregation that bursts like a summer morning by the seaside. This ain’t your regular mojito, dude. The coconut water makes this drink even zestier. We don’t know how anything can be better than that.

If these are not enough to get you sipping whether you are the type to hit the hike trail or hit the dance floor, perhaps mega celebrities Rihanna, Madonna and Demi Moore “” advocates of coconut water “” can convince you that getting your regular dose of BJ can be good for you. Everyone knows thirst is real.

(Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water was used to create these hand-crafted cocktails.)