After countless weeks of speculation and watching Beyonce posting random pictures of herself with lemons on IG, we almost thought that Beyonce had finally quit music to pursue a career in juicing. But what came out of it was even better.

Lemonade, Beyonce’s sixth studio album, exclusively dropped on music sharing service Tidal after the premiere of Bey’s one-hour HBO special that featured a montage of never-before-seen music videos and poetic interludes courtesy of Warsan Shire. Beyonce bares her soul in her latest musical collective, featuring special appearances by Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Serena Williams, and Zendaya.

If you didn’t think the visuals were enough, Lemonade also features the vocal talents of Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, The Weeknd and James Blake. It seems as though Bey has been making a habit of taking the world by surprise by doing little to no promotion for her albums since Beyonce in 2013. But then again, she is Beyonce and Beyonce can do whatever the hell she wants””like wearing a bright yellow top reminiscent of your grandmother’s drapes while casually walking away from an explosion with a baseball bat.

Keep slaying, Bey.