Whether you’re looking for a lit music experience, a desert-chic backdrop for your aesthetic photos, or just a straight-up cool place to be, Coachella is the peak summer escape. That’s why we’ve been suffering from FOMO—we keep hearing about all of the jam-packed fun everyone’s having on the festival grounds and unfortunately, we’re not there to live it up. Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and Eminem (all legends in their own right) were the three biggest names across the lineup,and damn did we miss one hell of a weekend.  

Relive the festival with us as we look back on our favorite acts from Coachella 2018!

Destiny’s Child

This was a truly historic moment, as Queen B was the first black woman to ever headline Coachella. And she chose to share the moment with people she loves, including hubby Jay Z and her former group, Destiny’s Child. On stage at Coachella, was where we saw the rebirth of the trio, Kelly Rowland (still slaying the game, looking fit AF), Michelle Williams (no longer the sad, ‘poor Michelle’ the world memed her out to be), and the queen of music, Beyoncé. She finally made it to the stage, 44 days after proclaiming to go vegan just for the show!

The Weeknd

As tears streaked along Abel’s cheeks, he was met by hundred, if not thousands, of fans during this very intimate moment. As we reported in last week’s hottest music, The Weeknd’s Call Out My Name is a song that reached the top of Billboard’s top 10, and we can see why. This deep, meaningful ballad struck emotions throughout the grounds. We wish we could’ve been there, just seeing it gives us chills. Thank you though, Selena Gomez, for breaking his heart and allowing him to come out with a banger.

SZA and Kendrick Lamar

SZA was all about fun during her first Coachella set for 2018, and we’re sure it’ll be more of the same next week. By jumping on trampoline and dancing along to animated cats, the grammy nominated singer was lively as ever- and she wasn’t alone. Among many of her guest performances was Kendrick Lamar, the genius behind DAMN!, as well as the Black Panther soundtrack. Together, they sand the mainstream hit All Of The Stars, and they truly shined.  

Post Malone

Another year, another drunk Post Malone up on stage singing and rapping to our favorite tunes of his. His state of life screams party, and we’re totally into that. Although Congratulations and White Iverson, aren’t the newest of his songs, they’re still our favorites… for now at least. The Rock Star artist had the prime spot of being the act just before Queen B, but nobody there was hoping he would end faster.

Cardi B

We recently found out that our girl Cardi B is expecting, but that little baby bump isn’t stopping her from performing her already-gone-gold album, Invasion Of Privacy. Of course everybody went wild during Cardi’s most famous hit, Bodak Yellow– it’s her prime song so the crowd went wild. Although we loved her already when she first became a thing, we’re loving this whole new look she has. It’s a beautiful mix of ratch classiness.


Knees weak, arms are heavy… mom’s spaghetti. You get the gist. Closing the first weekend of Coachella was everybody’s favorite rapper, Eminem. Eminem, just like Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga, is one of those artists who seemed to have disappeared recently, but has managed to find his way back into the light. After seeing him take over the stage and spit bars, we’re sure we definitely missed having him around. More, please!

Yodel Kid

A historic moment in history, Mason Ramsey was discovered in Walmart and had literally gone viral as a meme. If you think him ending up on the Ellen show wasn’t iconic enough, he also rocked up a performance that even Justin Bieber enjoyed. Nobody expected Walmart’s ~Yodel Kid~ to be there, but his hilarious appearance was definitely on our top ten moments at Coachella. We’re just so happy for this little kid!!!

With many other great acts not included in the list the end of the first weekend is enough to make us want to fly out and make it just in time for the next set. Who would you like to see live at Coachella? Tell us in the comment section below!